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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City Council Meeting recap 11/15/10

Noise Ordinance Curfew will stay status quo until June 1, 2011.

  • The Labor, Law and License Committee will review the current ordinance that calls for the closing of outdoor seating at 11 on week days and midnight on weekends next May during a committee meeting.
  • Whatever that committee will decide, whether it be status quo or redacting it altogether, the new ordinance will be in effect next June.
  • Councilwoman Steller did note that no complaints or issues had been reported by police.
Police Department Going 007

  • Lt. Gadzala reported that the city has obtained two grants to upgrade the Police Dept.
  1. A license plate reader, which when mounted on a patrol car, can take a picture of each car's license plate it passes. This has been in commission for some time now, and can help with stolen cars, amber alerts and the information it collects is refreshed every day. Geez, and people think Google Street View is invasive.
The grant was obtained via the Newport Police Dept through Hamilton Co.

2. 11 tazers are now in force, much to the dismay of college protesters everywhere.

Random updates

  • A secured lock box is available in the lobby of the city building to dispose unused prescription drugs.
  • Highland Park and Tower Park's old restroom facilities are now demolished. Rossford Park's has been roughly graded and construction on that project is ahead of schedule.
Quote of the night:

  • A pretty uneventful council meeting was, for me at least, highlighted by the portion of the meeting where the public has the opportunity to address council. I have not been to the last couple meetings leading up to it, but apparently a couple had been contacted by the city because one of their neighbors had complained that they had built a part of their fence on the public's right of way. City ordinance stipulates that you cannot build personal improvements on public land.
  • From what I gathered, this couple had bought the house from someone who had maintained this portion of land for over 20 years - and therefore had assumed it was part of their property.
  • The council - which pointed out at least 4 times that they felt bad for the couple - took the advice of the city attorney - which was they had to take down the fence on account of the fact that if something were to happen to anyone involving the fence, the city would be named in a lawsuit.
  • Now, had it not been for the neighbor pointing out that they had built this portion of the fence on public property - no one would have been the wiser, and everyone would have continued on with their life. But since most ordinances are complaint driven, Mayor Brown summed up my thoughts - and likely many's:
"It's just unfortunate that a complaint was filed at all."

  • My thoughts exactly.

Public Hearing on Smoking Ordinance

  • This was not apart of the city council meeting, but a public hearing will be at the Newport Courthouse (1098 Monmouth St.), tomorrow the 17th at 5:30 PM. Should be interesting to see what Steve Pendery does here.

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