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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fort Thomas & Campbell County Results

Quick recap of the races this evening that impacts Fort Thomas:

1. Council is unchanged.  This is the right result - I have had my doubts about Jeremy Canter as a real candidate and despite my misgivings on Lisa Kelly she is a better option than Canter.

2. We have a new member on the school board - Gail Federle.  This is another member committed to trying to get a fairer share of state funds.

3. Dave Otto defeated after serving for over 20 years - shifting the balance among the commission.  A commission which will remain 3 members and not 8 justices.

4. The Commission shift could have an impact on a potential smoking ban.  We'll have to see how this plays out given Pendery's re-election

5. On a personal note, not only did my racquetball partner Steve Franzen win the county attorney race but my high school friend Jared Carpenter won his state senate seat in central Kentucky.

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