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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fort Thomas Matters Turns 3

It has been a great year for Fort Thomas Matters and we hope to continue to add value to the community by providing the best news and commentary on Fort Thomas.  A few highlights of this past year:
  • Overall traffic to the site has tripled since our second anniversary
  • added Fort Thomas Matters as a news contributor to their Fort Thomas page.  While we give mainstream media a hard time this is the Enquirer's attempt to leverage all the 'local journalists' that are providing more information faster than their continually shrinking staff can provide.  This is a good step at transforming itself into a new media powerhouse but times are challenging nonetheless.
  • We of course added Mark Collier as a writer for the blog.  Mark has added a different voice, a dose of comedy, and has managed to upset everyone on West Southgate.  As a result of having an additional writer the total posts increased from 73 to over 140 posts.  Hopefully each of you feel the site is even more valuable as a news source.
  • The site experienced its largest traffic day to date with nearly 1,000 page views on August 12th the day after the Council meeting regarding the noise ordinance and again the day before the election just two short weeks ago
Now that we have recapped what the site experienced in the previous year I want to touch a bit on what the site may have in store in the coming year:
  • A site redesign is in order.  You will notice that we are constantly toying with the look and feel of the site to get to a professional look that gets you the information you are looking for without having to scroll for minutes.
  • We love to have different opinions on the site.  Mark was a great addition this past year and added another voice to what was becoming a rather stale site.  If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger just send Mark or I an email and we'll make it happen.
  • Anyone interested in a unique advertising opportunity?  Fort Thomas Matters is officially selling advertising on the site.  If you are a business owner in Fort Thomas or surrounding communities you will not find a better option for your money - not Inside Fort Thomas or the Recorder.  We have a rapidly growing and engaged readership, the ability to send readers directly to your business website, and an ability to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign.
  • While the site's popularity has largely spread based on word of mouth we would like to expand the reach to those who are not on Twitter or using Google search on their smart phone.  As a result you may start to see some more traditional promotion of the site pop up around town.
Having said all that the most important part of the growth in the past year and the future of this site is you the reader.  Thank you for reading!  Please send Mark or I an email if you have any suggestions, news stories, or advertising inquiries.


  1. Happy birthday! Great job guys.

  2. Great job. I enjoy reading every blog posting.

    Cat Rudert

  3. Happy's to many many more! LOVE YOUR BLOG!