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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Highlands Beats Johnson Central to Advance to Semis

If there were a place for a subtext in the title section of this post, it would read "Collier Quits Day Job, Moves to Vegas to Set High School Football Betting Lines."

Last Thursday, after the home win vs. Dixie, and amidst anonymous posters taking the contrarian view to mine, I saw the Highlands/Johnson Central game as a 6 point game, giving the Birds the advantage. I wonder if the anonymous poster will step up and pay our bet of a 915 burger.

Perhaps it was the fact that just last week against Cov Cath, a Johnson Central running back had 465 yards rushing. My running backs in Madden for Xbox don't even amass that amount of yards.

After going up 14-0 at halftime, Highlands withstood 4 straight passes into their endzone to end the game, while Johnson Central looked for an equalizer. Obviously they didn't, and Highlands won 21-14.

So as soon as I can analyze the next matchup - which involves throwing darts at a dartboard - I'll get the next line out. The Birds will play Harlan County (No. 13 in 5A, next week in the semi-finals).

I guess the only thing that really matters is the Birds getting their 20th state championship - and 4th in a row (which would be the only time Highlands has won back-to-back-to-back-to-back).

-- On a completely unrelated note, had a great time at Adam Zepf's Benefit at the Olde Fort Pub last night. Thanks to the Arnzens, Krebs and Adam's family. I did get there early to try the new menu and new dining atmosphere, so I will post my first attempt at a food review later in the day.

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