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Friday, November 12, 2010

Highlands Football Moving On

The football team, looking for it's state leading 20th state title, won over Dixie (No. 16 overall and No. 5 in Division 5A) 42-28 tonight at David Cecil Memorial Stadium.

Highlands took their first lead heading into the 4th quarter, 28-21 after being down 21-14 at halftime. Quarterback Patrick Towles left during the 4th quarter due to an apparent injury.

The Birds will play away Johnson Central (No. 16 overall and No. 7 in 5A) next week.

I have to admit, I haven't been to many games since the Guidugli-Hamblen-Grover-Fennell era, but I did get to a few games this year. Between that, following their progress from Enquirer reporter, Ryan Ernst's twitter account and reading the analysis from the comments section on the Enquirer articles - I have made a line for the game against Johnson Central.

Now, obviously this isn't Newport during the 50s or anything - so we'll just do this for fun. After reading analysis from "BlueMagoo" on this article - I think I got this.
Dale Mueller has done a tremendous job with this small Highlands team but it will be extra tough at Johnson Central. I was at last years match-up at Highlands and Johnson Central was clearly larger & more physical than the Bird's but they couldn't deal with Collingsworths speed and last years Bird team was bigger & stronger than this years. Look for JC to try and grind it out on long drives and keep Highlands offense off the field. If Muller pulls it out down in the mountains they just might win state again with a team that looks (except the QB) like a freshman squad. If I had to bet the house I'm afraid I'd go with Johnson Central on this one. Highlands has just looked mortal at times this year.
Highlands playing away. Looking pretty mortal this year, according to BlueMagoo. Playing in a tough game at home vs. Dixie. And a starting QB in injury limbo.

Highlands (-6) at Johnson Central.

What say you Fort Thomas Matters readers?


  1. It's probably safe to bet against Highlands this week at Johnson Central.
    The size is a factor, but not nearly the reason for this season's lack-luster performances.

    This team has renegades that lack discipline. It will be tough on Weinerich to stop the triple-option offense that Johnson Central will run against his defense. They are attempting to "lay the wood" and not following form tackle 101. There are also a couple that are simply afraid to hit.

    I'm afraid that it's going to be a l o n g ride home next week.

    Go Birds, prove me wrong!

  2. Ok. You're taking JC straight up. I got that. Burgermania at 915? I got HHS.

  3. Heads up for those whose children are planning on going to the game..

    Johnson Central is in Paintsville.. That's 200 miles away.. If the game is over at 9:30 pm and they leave immediately after, without stopping, they will likely not get home until 1:00 AM..

    Not the kind of road trip that I will let my teenager take without an adult driving..