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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fort Thomas Home Sales Mirror Area Trends

It has been a few months since I have taken the temperature on the Fort Thomas real estate market and as we approach the end of the year it seemed as good a time as any to take the temperature on the market. Since I am a numbers guy lets take a quick look at a chart.

While the median home price has bumped up a bit the total sales have fallen dramatically. This seems to be mirroring the larger national trend as the government stimulus dried up so did home sales. Evidence of this can be found outside my front window looking at my neighbor's home. They moved out of the area over three months ago and despite being reasonably priced (Lumley is a great street to live on - not that I am biased or anything) I have seen little activity on the home.
Despite this somewhat dour environment I am encouraged by the continued innovation of real estate agents in their quest to earn a commission on their client's homes. The latest is the use of YouTube to provide more than the usual 3D view or a few random pictures on the MLS. I am linking a couple videos for your viewing pleasure.

Grandview Ave Cape Cod - my personal favorite because of the music they laid over the pictures

Robson - this video they didn't even both describing the house - the music is so good.

While this isn't a major advance on the Real Estate - Insight Channel 9 - they keep popping up on every google search I do.

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