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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Polling the Audience

Isn't it nice not to have to watch the Bengals today. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but how frustrating have they been this year? I guess they all can't be as good as Mueller and the Birds.

Not a whole lot going on in and around the city right now that hasn't already been discussed, but after having a few email suggestions and some via the comments section, Fort Thomas Matters wants to know from you:

If you could make any change to the city - ordinance wise - what would it be?

Let us know via posting a comment or emailing me ( or Darrin (

I'm going to head to the council meeting next Monday (11/15) to see what progress - if any - has been made on a suggestion I made to Don Martin a few weeks ago. I'd be happy to bring your suggestions to him as well.


  1. Get rid of the rentals, they're dumbing down our public schools.

  2. Impose a renters tax.

    A large percentage of our schools problems are a result of people who rent in ft to take advantage of our schools.

  3. Way too many rentals as it is, not counting the new apartment construction in the future....

  4. Vouchers for Private School education. The 600 children being educated in private schools would be too much for Ft. Thomas Schools to handle. Recognize the benefit that these schools provide by giving the families a break.

  5. The above proposals would not hold up to constitutional scrutiny. My observation of the zoning in our town is that it seems non-existent at worst and flimsy at best. One thing that I think needs to change is to prohibit flag lots. Many zoning ordinances indicate that the front yard setback for a new structure must equal the average of the structures on either side. The reason I am against them is that having these strange developments of houses that sit behind other houses is that it has a negative effect on the home value of adjacent properties; people don't want someone living in their backyard.

  6. I have not looked through the zoning ordinance as it pertains to building signage, but I would definitely revise the signage regulations to reduce the allowable size and restrict locations where signs can be internally illuminated to prevent another sign like the one put up in the front lawn of the new state farm office on North Fort Thomas Avenue. That sign dropped the value of all of the nearby houses as soon as it went up.

  7. I am not sure if this is a ordinance change or just enforcement. I have seen a number of housing projects in this town that have been started and never completed. Usually a permit is issued with a start date and a time frame when the work must be completed. It amazes me to see a project that has remain incomplete for years. I had been to a open house where the neighboring property had built an addition which had been left without siding for so long that the exterior wood was rotting. This has a negative impact on adjacent property values. A project should be able to to request an extension or two on a permit and after that they should be fined.

  8. Wow... so much for a good public education being the foundation of our economy..

    Hey, let's herd all the poor people back down the hill where they belong.. and, of course, my property value has nothing to do with the quality of the school system, and I don't send my kids there, anway... so, give me a rebate!!

    Maybe.. just maybe... you could crawl back under the rock you came out from under.

  9. Remove the lamp posts from the middle of the sidewalks in the center of town.

  10. The first subscribers comments are exactly the kind of elitist, white landowner crap that keep Ft. Thomas off the list of America's best cities to live in.

  11. Seriously, Anonymous? My husband and I own two properties in Ft. Thomas. We live in one and rent out the other. Our tenants aren't "dumbing" down Ft. Thomas schools. If anyone is "dumbing" down the schools it's people like you with that kind of judgmental—and I agree with the above Anonymous comment—elitist attitude. I don't mean to hijack this post by turning it into an argument but the first three comments really angered me. All children have the right to an excellent public school education, such as what Ft. Thomas provides, whether they rent or own.

    I admit, the only reason we're renting out a house is because we were unable to sell it but I'm glad to be able to give someone else the opportunity of attending our city's fine schools without the burden of having to buy a home in such a tough economy.

    Finally, if you're going to make comments like that, state your name. Don't hide behind anonymity.

    Kara Uhl

  12. Good comments everyone. Let's try to progress the conversation forward.

    "Finally, if you're going to make comments like that, state your name. Don't hide behind anonymity."

    ^^^^^ And amen to that, Kara.

  13. Mark,
    It's your blog.. if you don't want anonymous comments, then don't post them.. Why cry about it, when you hold the keys?

    Personally, I think it's instructive to how many prejudiced, biased and racist people are really out there... Sort of a reality check for the rest of us. Without the anonymity, we'd keep seeing the world through our rose colored glasses.

    BTW, I'm anonymous because I haven't bothered to sign up with Google.. (See? it doesn't have to be for nefarious

  14. Well, these comments were interesting as a new renter in Fort Thomas. (Don't hate me, I have no kids in your school system and have no plans to ever have kids.)

    I mean, I knew there was a fair amount of elitism in this area, but I cannot believe the blame it on the renters philosophy. Just because I like to move and don't feel like dealing with the hassle of owning a house means I should be penalized?

    The other thing that cracks me up is, even rental wise, Fort Thomas is not the cheapest option in this area. If you are basing all your hatred of these people on income, there are plenty of cheaper places in Northern KY that would attract the OMG POOR PEOPLE that you all seem to want to scare away.

    As someone who is new to the area, these comments do not make me too keen on caring about the town or wanting to even know people in the area if this is the pervasive attitude.

    Honestly, if rentals and illuminated signs are your biggest complaints, I think you have it pretty good as a community...

  15. Welcome to Fort Thomas Jen. It really isn't as bad as the vocal minority makes it seem on this post. You are right - we do have it pretty good.

  16. I happen to appreciate that this town is not all single family homes. I am relatively new to Fort Thomas. Many of my friends that are from northern Kentucky have often made a comment about it being elitist, but I think it is more pride. It is the community pride that supports the schools in both academics and athletics, the seasonal community events, and the large number of activities around town. This town may not have much ethnic diversity, but I like that it has housing options that make it open to people of all economic levels.

    I posted the earlier comments about flag lots, signage, and unfinished projects. These are not big things as Jen mentions and are focused on keeping our neighborhoods looking their best. The key purpose of zoning ordinances is to protect one's property by being adversely effected by others. I.E., you cannot open a bar in an area designated as single family houses because it will lower the value of adjacent properties.

    I have been very pleased with the recent streetscape and entry park projects. They have done a lot to improve our public spaces. To that end, next time Grand avenue is in need to being refinished, I think it would be great if it was changed to have a boulevard with planting down the middle and decrease the speed to 25mph like Fort Thomas Ave.

  17. You missed my comments about the Vernon Lane Swim Club (the Mayor's pool) She did some fancy foot work and now we have a PRIVATE swim club on our street.

    It has totally ruined our street and our neighborhood.

    Cat Rudert