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Friday, November 12, 2010

Safety Alert - Insight Communications Going Door to Door

Yesterday my wife received visitors at our door indicating they were with Insight and were there to make an unscheduled visit to check our service.  As you may have guessed this raised some red flags with my wife who asked for credentials before letting them in our home.  Once in the house the visit seemed appropriate but it left us more than a little concerned.

I spoke with Insight this morning to verify that this was an appropriate visit and in fact it was.  This is in preparation for an upgrade of their cable services and is a legitimate visit.  The representative indicated that you will know this representative by the following characteristics:
  1. They will have a photo identification
  2. They will be wearing a red Insight shirt
  3. They may be driving their own vehicle, not an official insight truck
Ultimately be cautious and if something about the visitors makes you uncomfortable turn them away.


  1. Insight called my house earlier this week, to say they would be in the area on Wednesday or Thursday to do tests, and asked when they could stop by. (I declined).

    I just assumed it was an excuse to make a sales call. Did they ask your wife if she wanted to add any services?

  2. IT is an excuse to make a sales call. The same thing happened to me. That is why they may not have an insight truck. They used some line about new services and checking our service now. Then they come in and see what services you have and if they can upsell you. I know this because the next day after they came and did this something happened to our TV and I had to call Insight. The repair guy came and he told me that it was a sales call. He said that it bothers the repair people because then they can more calls because the sales people will sometimes tell people something is wrong with their service, etc. Be aware.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I wasn't aware of anything of the sort going on. I also didn't receive any call telling me this would happen.

    I can understand you and yours being uncomfortable. I especially hate it when people come around and want to sell me this cleaning stuff.

    Thanks again for keeping us informed!

  4. i got a call about this, and when i returned it, i pointed out i've only had service for like a month, why would i need an upgrade? the guy hadn't realized it but that they recommend this every 1-2 months or something? very confusing, kind of odd to me. i declined anyway.

  5. i had a guy from insight stop a few weeks ago,he was wearing a red shirt and id,i infact was having a problem with my insight,one phone call from him and the problem was fixed that very evening. thanks insight

  6. Just got a call from Insight. Told me Vic would be out on Mon at 6:30 in a red shirt and a name badge to check service optimization.

    She also said if I didn't let them in, they would huff and puff and blow my house in.

    These cable companies be trippin.

  7. I'm not all happy with Insight doing this. I have a 88 yr old Mother that just opened her door to 2 Insight guys just because they said they were from Insight and had on the Logo Jackets. ANYONE CAN MAKE UP A LOGO JACKET!! I also called Insight and found out it was true, but had it not been, she had already let them in. THIS IS NOT A GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE. I hope Insight gets the message and quits this NOW, before some quacks pick up on this and use this to do harm.

  8. I got the call too. She said they wanted to come in to my home for 10 minutes to run a service check...I'm curious "WHY" they want in our homes so badly?