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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smoking Ban Public Reading Twitter Feed

Via Amanda VanBenschoten (follow her here)
  • Campbell Co Fiscal Court meeting packed for first reading of indoor smoking ban. All sides here: pro-ban & anti-ban tea party, biz owners.
  • First biz item at Campbell Fiscal Court meeting: Duke Energy giving county $19K grant to buy iPads to go paperless for FC meetings.
  • Public hearing underway now at Campbell Fiscal Court meeting on proposed indoor smoking ban. Just a 1st reading; no vote to be held tonight.
  • Jim Cline of Cline's on the River: "We're ekeing it out now, and this (smoking) ban will wipe us out."
  • Much like a wedding, the room appears to be divided, with ban supporters on the left & opponents on right. At least 120 people in audience.
  • Several speakers at public hearing have called proposed indoor smoking ban "socialist", "communist".
  • Tim Nolan doing a head count now at smoke ban hearing - we might be at or over fire code.
  • @avbnky But is smoking allowed at the meeting? / Nope - smoking already banned in gov't buildings.
  • 10 speakers in at indoor smoke ban public hearing, half oppose and half support - but just one of the supporters is a Campbell Co resident.
  • Pat Carroll of Buckeye Liquor Permit Holders Assn. says OH smoking ban has driven mom-and-pop bars out of business there.
  • 50 min. & 21 speakers in to smoke ban hearing, supporters say it's a pub health issue & opponents say it's a property rights issue.
  • An hour in to smoke ban public hearing, every ban supporter has thanked Fiscal Ct for taking the issue up & every biz owner opposes ban.
  • Another indoor smoke ban public hearing fun fact: Nearly every supporter has urged Fiscal Ct to pass a *comprehensive* ban w/no exemptions.
  • Tom Murphy of Cold Spring to Campbell Fiscal Ct on smoke ban: "Gary Moore and Ralph Drees owe you guys big time" for taking political heat.
  • Of the 30 speakers at smoke ban public hearing, 14 oppose it (13 of them live or own biz in Campbell) & 13 support ban (4 live in Campbell)
  • William Baxter, a jukebox vendor from Anderson Twp, says his biz down 34%, has had to lay off 4 due to OH smoking ban.
  • Nolan needles Pendery; now in a spat with Dave Otto over comments during election.
  • Campbell Co public hearing on indoor smoke ban just hit 2 hrs & 45 speakers.
  • Smoke ban fun fact: 38% of Campbell Co bizn are now smoke-free. NKY-wide, 75% of restaurants (not incl. bars-only) are smoke-free.


  1. Please tell more about the Pendery/Otto spat.

  2. I arrived ealy and counted the cars as they came in, and took note of license plates. The majority of those who were there in support of the ban were from Ohio, Louisville, and Lexington.

    The majority of those who were there in opposition were from Campbell, or had a business in Campbell (I was the lone non-Campbell speaker against the ban).

    Seems to me that those in favor of the ban are zealots who seek to eliminate smoking altogether.

    I am a regular part of the area -- my kids go to school in Campbell County, I regularly eat and drink in Campbell County, I am a taxpayer in Campbell County, and the majority of my family lives in Campbell County.

    The majority of those who were there in opposition had no apparent link to the area. They just hate smoking, and are willing to drive very long distances in their quest.

    (And ironically, smoking bans don't curb the rate of smoking; but that's another story)

    Ken Moellman

  3. Ken,

    Gee, thanks for the scientific study on license plates..

    Unlike you, I do live in Campbell County.. and regularly take my restaurant dollars across the river..

    We have some great bar/grill establishments in Ft Thomas with very good, cheap food.. But, ask any local family what they don't like about The 915 or The Midway Cafe and they'll tell you it's the smoke. (Tim brews some great beer at The Midway, btw).

    I'm sorry that individual restaurant customers don't have time to attend fiscal court meetings about issues that don't directly affect their wallet, but that doesn't mean they don't care about it. Deciding that the majority of constituents enjoy smoke-filled restaurants because they don't show up to the fiscal court meetings is a false premise.

    I'm not really sure how you are any different from the representatives of the American Lung Assoc, etc.?

  4. There were a number of business owners who also wanted to attend, and were unable because of their business needs.

    Yes. I was the only person on the pro-rights side of the argument who wasn't from Campbell. If you were there, you'd know that I specifically mentioned this at the beginning of what I said.

    However, I do volunteer work for NKYchoice, and for the LPKY, and in both cases, I represent people from all of NKY and even the entire state.

    The real difference between the ALA, ACS, and AHA, and myself? Let's list them.

    * I don't get paid to lobby. They do.

    * Our group didn't get $300,000 in Obama Stimulus money. Theirs did.

    * I grew up in Campbell County, spent 75% of my life in Campbell County. They didn't

    * My children go to private schools in Campbell (and now Kenton) County. Theirs don't.

    * I'm a taxpayer in Campbell County. They aren't.

    * I frequent establishments in NKY. They don't.

    * I'm likely to move back to Campbell when the housing market improves. They won't.

    Other than that, I guess there's no difference.

    The funniest of all is when the blogger, jcflea (who I won't expose) advocates for a smoking ban, but specifically drives to NKY and his liberal group generally meets in a smoking bar, even though they have the choice to do otherwise.

    The reality here is that there are choices. The decision to expose yourself to secondhand smoke is made when you enter the establishment.

    For the sake of those who might have acute medical issues, I fully support a signage ordinance, to fully-inform the consumer of the smoking policy before they even have to come close to the door.

    As a fully-informed consumer, you have the right to make decisions; even bad ones.

    That's liberty and freedom.

  5. Businesses aren't private, if they are open to admit the public. Like it or not, government has a say in public safety.

    If the government decides that smoking in a restaurant is a health danger to others, and decides to regulate it, it is well within their purview to do that. If they decide the business has to accomodate the disabled, the the business must comply. If they decide a restaurant must pass a health inspection, etc, etc... ad nauseum..

    There is no such thing as a "private business". They might be privately owned, but they are subject to laws, rules and regulations (just like the rest of us private citizens).

    Obviously, I'm for the smoking ban.. It will improve my quality of life. But, if you wish to smoke, feel free... just please don't do it around anyone that you or I care about.

  6. Businesses aren't private? Businesses must comply? No such thing as "private business" ?

    Please show me where this is in the Constitution of the United States.

    This is not Red China. Geez.