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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smoking Ban Takes First Step

The draft of the smoke free ordinance was posted last night on the Kenton County website.  While it is technically a Kenton County ordinance this is the draft that will likely be used by the Campbell County Commission as to gather public input.

The various county commission meetings will be the first step in getting the ordinance passed.  It appears that Pendery and Drees are going to rush the ordinance through before the new commissioners take office in Campbell County.

To me this seems like a fairly big waste of time since the new commissioners will likely take up a repeal as soon as they take office after the first of the year.  I have asked the new commissioner Pete Garrett for his thoughts but so far no response.  I am not sure what procedural hurdles may be in the way of a repeal but unless it is extremely difficult to repeal then this feels like a waste of time.  Am I missing something here?

Regan Coomer of the Kenton County Connects blog has a good summary of what is covered in the ordinance and can be viewed in the link.

According to a recent Enquirer article, Ralph Drees will not press for the passage of the ordinance without the support of Campbell County but I wonder if Kenton County will be left holding the bag when the new Commissioners take over and repeal the ordinance.... I assume Kenton would follow their lead, although it they could be past the point of no return with no support for a repeal.

Should be an interesting couple months of Northern Kentucky politics.  Stay tuned.


  1. I understand your feelings about this possibly being a waste of time. However, I'd much rather seem my elected officials do the right thing, without regard to what might happen at a later time.

    It's possible that once the smoking ban is enacted, the new commissioners will see that their constituents see it as a positive, and they may change their minds. None of the incoming commissioners has actually voted, yet, so we can't know what they will do.

    Unless you believe everything a politician says before they are elected?

    Of course, it will take The 915 until 2013 just to air out..

  2. If the ban is passed it will be repealed before it takes effect in Campbell.

  3. This makes me sick!! It isn't the right thing to do. This election was a challenge on "big gov't". Pendry doesn't care what the people want. It's what he and Otto want. Otto is a selfish fool. He wants a smoking ban due to his dislike for smoking and the cost of his health insurance. So, legislate what YOU want Dave. January can't come soon enough.