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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bipartisan Cheering Sectors

Been on vacation for a while, sorry for the lack of posts. It took me a while to catch up on all my emails, tweets, facebook updates, etc.

Most of all, I was very interested in the comments (and lack there of comments) in the last two articles I posted.

1) A simple post on the 20th state championship, which Highlands attained this year turns into a internet nerd fight between NCC and Highlands parents - which gets 12 comments published.

2) A post three months in the making about the process of a citizen turning a thought into a possible ordinance - which gets 0 comments published.

I guess that goes to show what strikes a nerve in the readership and what strikes a nerve with the writers can be two completely different things. From now on, just as our political counterparts call for obligatory partnerships, we at Fort Thomas Matters will do our best for bipartisan cheering.

Perhaps the Wendy's in Newport decided to even up the score with the above picture after reading about said internet nerd fight. After congratulating NCC's state championship by proudly boasting "NCC Congrats at State" on their marquis - then making no mention of HHS state championship. It's too bad the marquis writer doesn't have an editor. Not sure "20 years running" applies itself correctly in this scenario.


  1. What strikes a nerve with readership are those things that affect them personally. Sometimes people just don't want to's too hard. It's much easier to react! (Doesn't take as much gray matter)

  2. Yes, it is easy to react, but without a reaction, you do not get people thinking.

    Not everyone has issues with the city or their neighbors leaves.