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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fort Thomas News - Week of December 13

1. Smoking Ban - As expected the Campbell County Court passed the smoking ban this week with Ken Rechtin the lone hold out on the vote.  There was a bit of drama during the session as it opened with a surprise amendment that would have exempted any businesses that have 18+ year age limit.  The ammendment introduced by Pendery as a compromise was eventually defeated.

Some quotes from the proceedings courtesy of Amanda VB who does a fantastic job covering these events and providing live tweets from such events.  No one else is providing anywhere near the quality coverage.
  • Mark Hayden: "I didn't come to this (decision) easily. I am abdolutely convinced this is a critical public health issue."
  • Ken Rechtin: "I believe we can protect the rights of all: the smoker, the nonsmoker & the business's right to choose."
  • Dave Otto: "For me, it's always been about health. To me, health trumps any argument about rights."
  • Pendery: "Without an amendment, no one would be protected...In the end, you have to accomplish the most good for the most people you can."
The ban is scheduled to go in place April 15th 2011 but questions remain with a new group of Commissioners taking office after the first of the year that are largely anti-ban.

2. This week there was an asset auction for Bear Creek Capital assets.  The sale did not include the Pavilion but was interesting nonetheless.  I am not sure what BCC's ownership interests are in the site but I believe it is still embroiled in some litigation.  Regardless the construction of Target continues to move along great.  The difficutl part for those that are impatient is the hiring and planning for a store opening which should be less than 3 months away. 

This opening should coincide with the start of additional construction for outlots and the space between Kroger and Target.  Still no indications on when the Kroger Fuel Center will open but it would be good to have a cheaper fuel option than the Marathon and BP.

3. Lastly, I ran across a promotional website for CDS Associates - the company that led the redesign of the Midway.  It was interesting to see their perspective of the streetscape improvements.  Let me know if you think this is an accurate portrayal in the comments section below.

It will likely be fairly quiet around the site for the next couple weeks.  Enjoy the holidays with friends and family and I am sure things will crank back up again after the first of the year.
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  1. Extremely poor design in the midway district. I would have thought they would have learned from the many mistakes made in the center of the town.

  2. Maybe you could expound on the first comment?

    What is poor about the design? What did they do wrong? What did they leave out?

    It certainly is a more attractive streetscape, and I enjoy the addition of outside seating.

  3. Hey! How come the Midway Cafe was closed all weekend?

    I missed my ration of home brew!

  4. I think it looks very nice but when you take a closer look there are issues. The brickwork is a bit shoddy. There are places where it began sinking as soon as it was completed due to high car traffic (Schrader's) and the connections to the concrete areas have lots of gaps along the edges on the avenue from the high school to Bivouac. We are a walking (strollers, dogs, etc) town. The very cool lamp posts immediately began showing wear of passers by. A better quality of paint needed? or would the chipping happen with any paint? Not sure. I know it cost a lot of money. It seemed as if these issues occurred as soon as they completed the project. If you step back (way back) it looks lovely.

  5. I think the design is fine. It really isn't a drastic change so it is hard to really be that critical about it. As far as the details are concerned...In the town center, they had set the pavers in the crosswalks on a bead of asphalt which is good for high traffic and holds up well. I don't recall what they did at the bank drive and the sidewalk there, but they must not have pu it on asphalt and has subsequently become a problem. I noticed that in the midway it appears that all pavers were on asphalt and I would expect it to hold up better. Another pretty lousy detail in the town center is the single row of pavers along the lawn edge which has a plastic edge strip. This really needed a concrete edge to keep the pavers from shifting, but I realize that would have added a lot of cost.

    I personally have this vision of a all paver street curving around the back side of the Midway facing the reservoir lined with some shops and housing above. It could be beautiful, but is challenged by both necessity and eminent domain.

  6. I hope the Campbell County Commissioners Will KEEP the New Smoking Ordinance, Protection of Worker Health is KEY!!! No Business owner should be allowed to Profit while Poisoning their Workers! All jobs have risks, but as we learn about those risks we should see to it that they are addressed. Having a customer walk outside to smoke is a very Tiny thing to ask when it saves a Workers Health!