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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Highlands Blasts Christian Co. 50-0 - Wins State Record 20th State Title

The heading says it all. Highlands executed its game plan to perfection. To view the video replay, go to The win gave Highlands their school best, 4th state championship in a row. The replay should be available to watch around 8:30 tonight.

Game MVP goes to Patrick Towles, junior QB. They held Christian Co. 5A player of the year RB Ryan "Bubba" Tandy to a net of 39 yards on 13 carries.

Barring Towles entering his name in the NFL draft, he will lead the team next year - and has undoubtedly put his name atop the list for Mr. Kentucky Football. They have plenty to look forward to. Both Freshman and JV teams went undefeated and will step up to fill the void of departing seniors this year.

Also on tap for next year, Highlands will be leaving 5A, departing as the only 5A champ since the realignment 4 years ago. The Birds will be joining the more competitive 4A next year, with the likes of Boyle Co, Bell Co, Lexington Catholic, and Cov Cath.

They open with 4A champ, Boyle Co. and also have a matchup with Elder next year.

Congrats to the Birds.

Editor's note:
Oh yeah, NCC won too.


  1. In a recent post you complained that the Highlands Football Teams semifinal game wasn't being covered in the local media to your satisfaction. What about your complete lack of coverage for the NCC Thoroughbreds and their State Championship win on Friday night. Unless your going to cover all matters related to Ft. Thomas residents you should change the name of this blog to "Highlands Matters".

  2. Correction - if the site were called Newport Matters then we should cover the NCC match. It is called Fort Thomas Matters and the last time I checked residents of Fort Thomas care about the Bluebirds not the Thoroughbreds.

  3. Darrin, Seeing as there are plenty of young men and women who attend Newport Central Catholic and who live in Fort Thomas, I would say that many residents do in fact care about the Thoroughbreds and their success.

  4. Well put Darrin, we don't care about NC here in Fort Thomas.

  5. I'm not sure who you have been talking to, but there are lots of people who live in Fort Thomas who DO care about NCC sports. Students and alumni alike both live in Fort Thomas and very much support NCC. It doesn't matter where the school is located -- it matters that Fort Thomas RESIDENTS do support NCC as well as Highlands. Let's be a little more open minded than just only supporting Highlands.

  6. Looks like they are including NCC to me. They added something at the end of the article.

  7. Congrats to the Birds! Next year will be a very interesting, as mentioned, Boyle Co. Bell Co. I can't wait to see what Mueller will bring to the table.

    The majority here in Fort Thomas do care about the Birds more than NCC. I have to agree this is Fort Thomas Matters....not Newport.

    Also congrats to Fort Thomas seems the following is getting stroger...looking forward to the 4th year!


  8. Oh yeah Darrin, thanks for the FOOTNOTE on NCC's win. That is a mighty generous CYA comment for all of the NCC residents following your blog. I think there are more NCC residents in Ft. Thomas than you realize!

  9. I think you are wrong about NCC.. I have plenty of neighbors (Ft Thomas residents) who attend there.. I bet you do, too..

    Regarding the blog title, NCC "matters" to a great deal of Ft Thomas residents, especially (but not exclusively) to the residents whose children attend there.

    If NEWPORT Pavilion can be one of the top interests of the readers of this blog, then just because NCC starts with Newport, shouldn't leave them out...

    You don't even have to expand your horizons.. Give them a call at NCC, and find out what percentage of their enrollment comes from Ft.Thomas.

  10. Now I remember why they no longer play the Highlands-NCC football game! Although this game would be great for the students, obviously there are a lot of adults who's feelings would get hurt with a win or loss (both sides included). While I don't live in Ft. Thomas I have had students attend both schools. I support both schools (except when they play each other). I think this site could be a little more accomodating toward the NCC parents & students. I know that St. Therse's sign out front had a Go Breds/Go Birds out front and I know I've seen Ruth Moyer do the same years past. We all live in NKY and should be proud of what these teams (kids) have accomplished, especially when the rest of Kentucky consider us as part of Ohio.

  11. I spoke with NCC today and 93 of their 419 students are from Fort Thomas. This is definitely more than I expected but still pales in comparison to the 819 at Highlands.

    I will try to provide some NCC coverage in the future. The problem lies in how difficult it is to know whether an NCC accomplishment involves students from Fort Thomas whereas I can make a safe assumption when covering Highlands that those reading the blog are interested and perhaps have a stake in their success

  12. the site is called fort thomas matters, not newport. duh.
    obviously they are going to follow the school that's actually in fort thomas.