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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kingdom Hall for Sale

I ran across a listing online the other day for office space for sale on Memorial Parkway.  This obviously piqued my interest since I could not recall where office space existed along Memorial Parkway.  As I clicked on the link it became apparent that the facilities (Kingdom Hall) for the Jehovah's Witnesses is for sale and the listing agent is framing the property as potential office space.  Not a bad strategy for selling a church that has limited market opportunities.

I spoke with the real estate agent for this listing and identified that the group has combined their congregation with one in Butler Kentucky.  The new combined congregation is now meeting in Cold Spring has been for a few weeks.

The only question that now remains is whether or not we hear less knocks at our door and see fewer copies of the watchtower.


  1. I live not far up the street (off Hartweg) and can count on one hand the number of times they've visited. I have to believe this part of the country is a tougher than average row to hoe for them.

    They've put a significant investment into that property in the form of retaining walls and parking. Wonder if they'll be able to recoup.

  2. ....perfect place for another Hustler store...

  3. Finally!!

    Someone gets the term, "row to hoe" correct.

    English teachers everywhere are applauding! LOL

  4. You have a few of your facts incorrect. If you wish to know the actual details I suggest you contact one of Jehovah's Witnesses from the Ft. Thomas Kingdom Hall.