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Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE: Fort Thomas Edition

Feels like spring today in the rolling hills of Fort Thomas, but lo and behold, December 31 is here. It's time to ring in 2011. I'm sure by now, you have your plans, but just in case you don't, here's what your hometown is offering you.


1) Old reliable. The Olde Fort Pub is offering probably the best deal around. $40 all inclusive. DJ. Band. Food. Drink. What more can you ask for? I shimmied around town today to try to talk to businesses that were open tonight and besides The Pub, only one other business seemed to be on top of their game as far as offering entertainment for the night.

I saw three Arnzen's there in the wake of the UK-UofL post game massacre and I'm sure reinforcements were on their way.

"It's the only time we do this all year," said Bob Arnzen, owner. "We want to provide a home town place to unwind on New Year's Eve. People in Fort Thomas want have a long way to get home from here."

Josh McIntosh was there taking in the Kentucky game and had bought tickets for the festivities for later that night.

"It's the best deal I've heard around," he said. "Going out anywhere else will cost you so much more. It's just easier here and it'll be a blast."

2) Vito's Cafe. I walked in when Vito and Mary were getting the serving staff prepped for the night's action. Vito gave me a sly smile as he frenetically explained the intricacies of the 5 course menu which would cost $60 a person.

Mary explained that they were sold out. Which is always good to see. Let me know if you went and how it was as I was not able to get a ticket.

A for effort:

DEP's Fine Wine and Liquor store was open and will be open till 10 PM tonight. I grabbed a bottle of champagne as they were restocking the Cook's. Looks like some will be enjoying the finer things tonight.

They had their always helpful staff helping patrons pick out their spirits for the night and my personal sommelier had told me they were steady, if not jam packed all day. I was a little surprised there wasn't some type of event going on. A champagne tasting. A cigar sampling. Something to get more people in than would normally come in.


915: Walked in and asked a manager if they were doing anything for New Year's Eve. She looked at me for about 5 seconds without saying anything, and shrugged her shoulders as if I had asked her what the square root of 98342 was.

The Midway: Same story, different day. Big contrast walking down the street from The Pub, which had already begun their undertaking of their night to The Midway Cafe, which again had their doors closed. Pretty inexplicable.

All in all, I love the fact that some of these businesses are doing what it takes to provide a safe and close alternative for one of the biggest "night out" nights of the year. You would think, though, that if your core business is food, drink, etc. you would go all out to ensure that you were lock stock and ready to go for the night's festivities.


  1. Vito's always has a great NYE offering.
    What's up with The Midway? A perfect opportunity blown in my mind!

  2. Yeah, what IS up with Midway? Are they in trouble? I drove by there at 11:00 pm on a Saturday night a few weeks ago and they were closed. Seems like they never have much of a crowd. Even Ft Thomas Pizza & Tavern seems to have a bigger steady crowd than Midway these days...

  3. 915 is garbage. The burgers have gone down hill. The owner is a jerk, it's a smoke bomb in there.
    Shame. It used to be so good...

  4. I hate to be a downer but the last couple of times i got food from the Midway it was terrible. It used to be such a good place.

  5. Jen (metaljenster at 1, 2011 at 12:08 PM

    My friends have tried to take me to the Midway a couple times and it has never been open... it is always relatively normal bar hours too, completely mindblowing.

    Went to 915 last night, pizza was pretty tasty, beer was good :) It was so empty in there for a NYE celebration, which was good (we didn't want a crowd), but also kind of baffling for a business on such a big night. We left around 10:30 or so.

  6. The folks at the Olde Fort Pub put on another great NYE party! It's so nice to have a local option that doesn't require driving across the city. Even our friends who DID drive 30+ minutes commented on how much they like the bar.

  7. I have to agree about the 915.. It's gone downhill..

    In contrast, I like the food at the Midway, and Tim's home brew is usually top notch...

    However, their unexplained closings have me worried about their future, as well...