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Saturday, December 4, 2010

You may have seen my recent post on the third anniversary of the site. To avoid an overly lengthy post I avoided talking about the top events, people, and places that have driven the interest and growth in the site. I combed back over the site statistics to identify the most popular topics on the blog and here they are:

1. Newport Pavilion - far and away the leader in terms of interest, traffic, and judging by internet search terms that brought people to the website. While Fort Thomas would never want or allow a big box store or fast food clearly our town and area is vastly underserved in terms of shopping and dining options. (Related terms - Bear Creek Capital)

2. Kroger Marketplace - I know this is somewhat similar in nature but again the excitement just prior to and after the opening was evident. Having a strong grocery option this close to home was sorely lacking. You can make comments about the fact that Remke has been there for years and there were two other Kroger nearby (Bellevue & Cold Spring) but options that this store brought (including the fuel center that has yet to open) along with the convenience of getting there has been unmatched. I expect a similar surge in interest in Target just prior to the opening and just after the opening.

3. Pergola - the drama around the closing and subsequent disappointment in losing a decent dining option in Fort Thomas after such little time. Of course this disappointment has subsided as Danny Krebs took some of his menu options to a more family friendly Fort Thomas Pub.

4. Fort Thomas Swim Club - the level of interest and traffic related to this topic probably has to do with two things - 1.the lack of a decent website for the swim club and 2.the large waiting list of people interested in gaining membership.  It is one of the more sought after memberships in Fort Thomas.

5. Chipotle - keeping with the 'what's coming to Newport Pavilion' theme, there has been a lot of traffic related to the possibility of Chipotle coming to Newport Pavilion. You may remember that Chipotle was in the original site plan but once the financial troubles hit Bear Creek their plans were shelved and a store was opened a couple exits down the highway at the entrance to NKU. Recent plans call for the build out of Chipotle and other fast casual options once the Target is completed.

6. Vernon Swim Club - while the original posts were related to the need for a new pool (which was subsequently completed with a nice upgrade) one of the primary drivers for traffic related to this topic was people looking for a blog site of an irate neighbor whom started their own blog critical of the swim club.

7. Highlands Drama Program - this blog seems to be providing the best coverage of the Highlands drama program including the beginning of a new booster group for the drama program.  The theater and related programming is truly a gem for the community.

8. The Candy Cottage - This small candy shop has been a nice addition to the Central Business District.  It was fun watching kids after school play around at the corner of Highland and Fort Thomas Ave.  This is a good Sunday afternoon diversion for the kids and their first few months have been quite successful.

9. Memorial Parkway Apartments - I believe this interest in this one is the curiousity factor.  Everyone wants to know who cut down all the trees, letf the sidewalk undone, tore out a hillside, and then let the weeds overgrow everything rather than completing the additional apartment buildings.

10. Cake Towne - this new addition to the Fort Thomas dining scene has had high interest in the past couple months as residents are curious about menu.

Honorable mentions:
A. Deer Hunt (related ordinance)
B. Fort Thomas Snow Days - a topic that may heat up again soon as winter weather approaches. I suppose we'll see if the administration learned anything about a reasonable closure standards from last season's fiasco
C. Highlands High School Football

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