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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Corporate Neighbor Leaving Fort Thomas

The Business Courier reported this week that Fort Thomas is losing a business to Cincinnati.  Real Property Management, a company that has been featured multiple times in local media, has apparently decided to move across the river to Cincinnati.  Real Property Managment's current location is in a small office complex behind the YMCA near the intersection of Alexandria Pike and Fort Thomas Ave.

Real Property Management has taken advantage of the current market conditions and individual investors snapping up foreclosed properties on the cheap and renting the properties out to residential tenants.  Real Property Management provides property managment services to these individual investors and takes some of the worry and frustration out running residential rental income properties.

I spoke with Sam Thompson of Real Property Management and he indicated the move is strictly in the best interests of his business.  The two primary reasons for leaving Fort Thomas for Cincinnati is that the majority of their managed properties are in Cincinnati which will result in fuel savings and an office address in Cincinnati will help more people find Real Property Management in internet search.

While Sam lives in Cold Spring his kids go to Blue Bird and his family has many connections in Fort Thomas.  He would have loved to keep the business in Fort Thomas but a move made the most business sense for Real Property Management.  Lets wish them the best of luck on their move.

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