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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fort Thomas Divided into Three

I went to the council meeting tonight and I'll get some notes out tomorrow, but just wanted to do a quick post about an item that I thought to be interesting.

Assistant City Manager, Jay Treft and Debbie Buckley of the Renaissance Board are working on finalizing designs for pole banners, which fly on the street posts and light poles on the city streets. They are looking to have each pole banner sponsored, although I can think of a better way of advertising your business (shameless plug - winking emoticon. I just can't bring myself to actually use one).

They are working to brand the three districts by color, by flying yellow banners in the Midway District, blue banners in the Towne Centre and red banners in the Inverness district.

Mayor Mary Brown said she liked the "very clear and simplified design." Adding that the last one "was far too busy."

I really don't have anything to add to this, but I'd love to know why they chose those colors for those districts. There has to be some sort of inside joke among the city administrators regarding why each was relegated their portion on the rainbow color scheme.

Personally, the first thing that came to my mind were the Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster districts. I have no idea why. What's everyone else think?


  1. I don't like the idea already. My immediate reaction was...why are they splitting the city up. There is already a "difference" in the community. "Where do you live? North or South side of Fort Thomas?" I have a suggestion too, maybe use the city flag that represents Ft. Thomas and then accent flags on other poles of the same color or pattern. I just don't like trying to divide the city. It's not like our city is SO BIG you would need a specific color of flag to remember where you are.

    Oh and by the way...I am looking forward to tomorrow and the White Death 2.0 post!

  2. I did just drive past Krogers/Remke - wall to wall cars. No spots. I'm sure the bread and milk aisles are empty.

    Will be doing a live blog of photo journalism from my front porch tomorrow all day. Stay tuned. Haha.

  3. Maybe they will district the city like King's Island's parking lot... Pebbles 12, etc.

  4. I love your insight! There is a method to our madness...but it doesn't have to do with Cookie Monster...The renaissance board has been developing a way finding map to help visitors identify businesses/ districts. The map will be color coded to match the banners. The colors were selected for visual clarity from the street. The way finding map when complete will be printed and also available on the city website. cheers! The board

  5. I think Fort Thomas is addressing a problem that cities like Covington's Mainstrasse, Bellevue's Avenue and Newport's Monmouth Street don't have as much; which is a concise, all-together area for shopping. There's probably people who come to one district (say to the Midway Cafe) without ever heading to another district (917 Pub & Grill). For the people who live in Fort Thomas (and surrounding) these three districts, I'm sure, seem silly, but the splitting up is for the "out-of-towners" who are coming in and dropping a fair bit of cash in the city every day. It's probably nicer and easier to say "head to the Inverness District" then try to explain where to go to in the sprawling shopping area that encompasses the whole milage of North and South Fort Thomas Ave, esp. since there's a lot of dead (as in non-retail) space between these three areas.

    Besides, what cities have you been to (Chicago, NYC, San Fran?) and enjoyed immensely while heading to a shopping district called Lil Italy, ChinaTown, Manhattan, etc. It's all part of marketing your city to appeal to everyone, not just the lovely people who already know every sweet spot in the city already.