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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newport Pavilion Aerial Shot and Other Sunday Morning Links

1) Just a few quick Sunday morning links to piggy back on Darrin's last post. I can visualize plans better with real landmarks, so if you're like me this will help.

Click here for an aerial shot.

2) Just a quick reminder, you've got a little over a week to sign up at the Y to cash in on the no enrollment fee. The New Year's Resolution crowd should be about cleared out by now, so it's a perfect opportunity to start now. Click the banner link above to take you to the Y's website.

3) Congrats to Ft. Thomas resident, Amy Scalia, CEO/Publisher for, an online publication for women, who celebrated its fourth year in publication last night with a birthday party featuring music, dancing, cocktails and cake at the Lexus RiverCenter in Covington.

Cincy Chic, which is an affiliate of the Cincinnati.Com network, is the only local online lifestyle publication for women.

View pictures from the party here.

4) Carson Palmer is demanding a trade or he will retire. Ft. Thomas native, Dave Young and co-founder of Mike Brown should be a good news source for all things Bungles. I'm embarrassed to be a fan of this team.

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