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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Newport Pavilion Site Plan Posted

A fan of the Newport Pavilion Facebook page has posted an updated site plan for the entire development.  While there are really no new names on the plan it is a confirmation of previous posts about retailers committed to the development.

The list of names that are confirmed on the map include:
Cincinnati Bell store
Mattress Firm
Aspen Dental
Edible Arrangements (I am assuming they are moving from the Fort Thomas plaza)
Famous Footwear

No additional retailers beyond that are listed which leaves a lot of retail space, primarily out-lots that are unleased at this point.  I am disappointed that a Chick Fil A does not appear to be leased at this point.

UPDATE - Alert readers noticed that Chick Fil A was indeed shown on the map near the entrance from Grand Ave.

Another interesting point of the map is the layout.  This includes a 4 unit strip located just next to the Kroger Fuel center, three outlots next to the entrance near the Kroger Liquor store, and two junior anchor locations near the off ramp of 471 at Grand.

The site map comes from Goodman Retail, the leasing agent for the entire development.  You can find more about the development at their website - the Newport Pavilion is property 249.


  1. There is a chick-fil-a on the site plan at the Carothers entrance, opposite outlot 5.

  2. I see a Chik-fil-A on the corner of Carothers and the Pavilion road that comes out facing Remke.

    I'm confused about where the Aspen Dental, Mattress Firm, etc section will sit. Next to the gas station??

    I agree... let's see some unique retail here -- not places we can find in nearby Florence.

    And, at this point we don't know all the restaurant names, so maybe there will be some uniqueness there.

  3. So even though there is a Chick-Fil-A on this layout (Outlot 1 across from Chipotle) you're saying it hasn't been leased? A good sign at least that it's in the plan though.

  4. Wow - I completely missed that. Good to see Chick Fil A is still in the plan.