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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo Journalism: White Death version 1.2

My bride texted me around 3:00 on Monday while I was working. I was caught up in the moment, so when I read "heading to Kroger after work, anything specific you need?" - I didn't really think twice.

My reply - "Not that I can think of, maybe some Apple Jacks."

Had I checked some on the trending topics on twitter, I would have found the hash tag #snOMG was trending number one. (New to twitter? Follow me here and Darrin here). The White Death was coming and I hadn't warned her. Terrible planning on my part.

5:30 rolled around. 6:00. 6:20. Finally 6:24 came and before I could say anything, with her hands clenching 4 bags of groceries in each fist she said, "Kroger is insane right now. People are crazy."

Anyway, fast forward to 10:30 Tuesday and I'm working from home, although I'm pretty sure Highlands is in school. Below are pictures of the storm's progress.

10:30 AM

11:30 AM - roads looking better

1:00 - Roads still clear. Maybe it's just because I'm on a main road, but it seems as if we have again succumb to the White Death. #snOMG. I'm going into the office.


  1. Hope you are enjoying your Apple Jacks from home! Gotta love the Great White Death!

  2. Are we out of salt in Ft. Thomas? My street was covered in sand yesterday. Very slippery trip to school.

  3. White death descending
    Milk, bread, common sense vanish
    Work, school still beckon