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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Target Opening Date: March 6th

Any time I drive down Carothers Road or Memorial Parkway, I crane my neck to look for progress. It's no doubt the Kroger Marketplace has added a lot to our community, and the Target anchor to the development will only help to cement that shopping center in this market.

The above picture is on the front of the new Target store, which proudly displays the opening date on a Target red blazoned banner.

As I snapped that photo, I saw some workers moving in and out of the store. I decided to walk in like I actually belonged there to poke around and get a better idea of how the layout of the store would work. Below were the fruits of this impromptu project. (Editor's note: camera having technical difficulties - will post more pictures later, but you get the idea)

My initial thoughts:
1) It's huge. K Mart near NCC is closed within a year. It's everything K Mart used to be and wishes it still was. Oh and if you didn't know, K Mart sucks.

2) Parking lot is a big upgrade over the Kroger Marketplace.

3) What struck me by looking at the way the aisles were labeled, this Target will compete with its neighbor in a lot of ways. Obviously with both of the anchor stores being "super stores" you knew there would be some overlapping business interests, but there are a lot.

For example a pharmacy, a bigger that I thought food section including a fresh produce and grocery section, home items and a Starbucks cafe (which now technically makes for three Starbucks in about a mile radius).

4) Definitely will fulfill a niche in this market as a good, "go-to" store.

5) 14 checkout lines. Not 2, like at K Mart.

As soon as I get over this picture glitch, I'll make sure to post a few more pictures, so check back for updates.

--- On an unrelated Target note, Fort Thomas Matters will be partnering with the YMCA for the last few weeks of the month as they continue to roll out special offers for new member enrollments. Make sure to keep a lookout for these promotions, which will be available on the website, our twitter feed and our email subscription list.


  1. I really hope the Starbucks on Grand stays open in spite of the others at the Newport Pavilion. I'd much rather enjoy my coffee there than where I am surrounded by shoppers milling around and PA announcements to clean up aisle 5.

  2. My question is, Didn't Target look at what was in the area and go all we may not need a starbucks in this target? If not I think thats dumb because we really dont need 3 starbucks in a literal 1 to 2 mile radius of each other, which means someone is probably going out of business and it probably isn't the starbucks in the Target or Kroger. Also even though I am out of the area now for college I can't wait to move back because of all this exciting development going on that I still follow online. BTW I saw the demise of that K-Mart coming when they announced Newport Pavilion was coming, so I dont even give it a year before K-mart and potentially Rempke's goes out of Business.

  3. One more comment, I think its funny and awesome that you just walked into the building and took pictures. Simple things like that make me laugh.

  4. Its called trespassing, and it's kind of illegal... Glad you didn't get caught!

  5. Quick point: I do think the Starbucks serve different purposes. So they may all coexist just fine. I just thought it was more funny than anything.

    And trespass, shmeshpass. I had my excuse ready had I been stopped: I was just in line to be the first shopper in the store.

    ^ Lame attempt at humor.

  6. Anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas will tell you that, given enough people, Starbucks concessions can literally be stacked on top of each other and survive.

  7. What aould have been funny mark, to add to your humor, is if you would have been actually standing in line and then you said that. Or if you would have been right at the exit holding target bags when you got caught and you say I was the first customer. lol