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Monday, January 17, 2011

YMCA In the News & Special Offers

There has been quite a few changes at our local YMCA that include a new Executive Director, a new training program, and for the month of January a new member promotion.

Lets start with the new Executive Director - Dana Ensley.  In the fall Shane Ruffin left our local Y for the Big D and a larger market.  In came Dana from the Clippard YMCA (Cheviot) in August.  Dana has been with the Greater Cincinnati YMCA for 5 years so she is no stranger to the area.  Prior to moving to the Cincinnati area Dana worked in NC for the YMCA for 2 years.

We asked Dana what plans she had for the YMCA into the New Year and she outlined the following points.  "Our board of volunteers and staff strategically planned around the three focus areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.  Some highlights are expanding our sports programs/offerings, increasing our already licensed,1 star rating after school programs to 2 stars, adding innovative health & fitness programming that aligns with current industry trends, expanding our family fitness and senior fitness opportunities, and make sure all members current and new are supported in their health & wellness goals for themselves and their families.  We also want to connect with the community and we will do this by providing volunteer opportunities in all areas of our YMCA including programs, services and our board.  We also plan to partner on events, causes and needs in Ft. Thomas and the surrounding communities."

The Greater Cincinnati YMCA is also featuring a new training program - ActivTrax that features an in-gym kiosk that creates a personal workout and a web-based component that allows you to track your workouts and progress towards your health goals.  I have included a recent video from Channel 12 that was filmed just after the New Year.

Lastly, the YMCA has a massive promotional campaign right now.  Some of this is seasonal as the best opportunity for new memberships at the YMCA is after the New Year when everyone has guilt from the holiday eating binge and they are fresh off their New Year's resolutions.

You may have seen the billboards around the city that feature tag lines such as "Our Cause is You".  In addition to this promotion they are also offering Fort Thomas Matters' readers a free joining fee.  Feel free to click the banner above and find out all that the YMCA has to offer.

I have heard others in the community question their YMCA membership when there are cheaper options in the area but the YMCA is so much more than just a gym.  To illustrate this point Dana talks about one of the larger missions of the YMCA:

Raising almost 90K every year [from generous families in the community] allows us to not turn anyone away based on their ability to pay.  The need has been great these past couple of years and we have seen so many people benefit from joining the Y and or continuing their membership with us.  Families and individuals have been able to count on the Y as constant in their lives during tough times.  Many have commented that the Y has helped them to keep down their stress levels, stay healthy and have a social outlet for themselves and their families.
Ft. Thomas is wonderful community rich in history and family values.  I believe the Y compliments what the city and the surrounding communities want for their residents.  At the Y you can find licensed quality after school care for your child, quality babysitting (and we get the kids active) while you workout and get healthy, and a variety of youth sports for your children to choose from.  We have a wonderful aquatics program that includes swim lessons, water fitness and swim team, along with other small group activities.  The Y is a place with the entire family can find something to do on their own and together.  The Y looks to partner, collaborate and provide support to community strengthening efforts as well. 

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  1. Looking to get into a new gym now that all the NYE resolutioners have probably cleared out. Thanks, will check out the Y!