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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Street Resurfacing

From time to time we get emails from our readers inquiring about issues that are important to them. We recently had one asking about some of the streets in Fort Thomas that needed a bit of work.

The document submitted by the Public Works Committee (Haas, Lampe, Doepker) to the Mayor and Board of Council regarding these street improvements noted that "while there were many streets considered for improvement, limited available resources restricted the number of streets that could be included in this year’s recommended program. "

It's a bit belated, but without further adieu here is the list of street improvements that are scheduled to be made this year:

The recommended 2011 street improvement program includes the following streets:

  1. Burnet Ridge (from Riverside PKWY to Lester Lane)
  2. Azalea Terrace
  3. Elmwood Place
  4. Brittany Lane
  5. Budde Court
  6. Devon Court
  7. E. Kimberly
  8. W. Kimberly
  9. Jennifer Court
  10. Patricia Court
  11. Overlook Drive
The total estimated cost for these improvements is $235,775 and will be paid for on a 50% city, 50% abutting property owner basis. (Awesome way to spend a portion of your tax refund, isn't it?)

They are also recommending replacement of deteriorated sidewalks on Highland Ave (Grand to US 27), S. Fort Thomas Ave (Grand to Tower Place), Winding Way and Haywood Court at an estimated cost of $107,000.

Finally, the Public Works Committee wants to improve the intersection on S. Fort Thomas Ave and Tower Place (right by the Water Tower) in order to improve pedestrian safety and improve the intersection, aesthetically.


  1. Awesome! Glad to see my street made the list and I'll be more than happy to pay my share of the assessment. Thanks for following up on this and posting the info Mark!

  2. I agree. My street is a mess. I am more than happy to share in the cost to get things back together. After all it will improve property values on the street.

  3. So this is the list of streets that the utility companys will be digging up next summer? It happens EVERY time our street gets resurfaced.