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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...

Not the local soccer team- which my buddies Craig and Jason dubbed when they were little. This post is about the navy blue clad Fort Thomas Police and their trials and tribulations from the mean streets of the Fort as detailed by Chief Daly at the latest council meeting.

First and foremost a warning: please start locking your car and house.

I know we never really worried about that when I was growing up but it's a fact that we live in a different time. It's a sad notion, but the amount of communities in which a locked door is a necessity are shrinking. We are not immune.

Saying that, there have been continued break ins around the city. Small items that can easily be carried are generally the merchandise of choice, but in every instance in which something was taken, the resident had reported that breaking and entering the house did not enter the equation. Every door was left unlocked.

Chief Daly cited the Linden/Carolina/Tremont area being a high volume area of robberies as well as some occurrences on the north side of town on Covert Run, Riverside, Sunset and off Rossford.

A robbery that occurred on Linden was stopped when the resident walked in on the assailant as he was rummaging through the refrigerator. He was described as a juvenile.

They are following leads in and around the area.

The chief also detailed an event in which a citizen helped nab a criminal on the run. A criminal who was being stopped by Fort Thomas Police decided to try and outrun the officer near Pentland and Highland Ave, heading toward Ruth Moyer. The officers were chasing behind when a Fort Thomas resident cut in front of him and boxed him in with his truck. Other citizens helped detain him until he could be brought into custody.

What a city.

The police are going to recognize this citizen formally, so I'll leave his identity anonymous until he's recognized.


  1. You used to be able to recognize someone who was not a "local". Now all of the kids dress like thugs.

    We are dumbing down society so that everyone feels good about themselves, and we end up with a degrated society.

    It's time for parents to parent thier children. Spend some time with your kids. Make them a home cooked meal or read to them.

  2. When we lived in Covington, the youth always looked like you caught them in the act of stealing your hub caps. When we moved up to Fort Thomas, one of the first comments I made to my wife is about how I would see teenagers out for a jog, smiling, and they would say hello as they pass. I think it is great. You are always going to have some rebellion and bad apples, but the families and this community as a whole do a pretty good job raising good kids.

  3. "A criminal who was being stopped by Fort Thomas Police decided to try and outrun the officer..."

    Don't you mean "alleged criminal"?

    we muust be PC...

  4. ^^^ Haha. Good stuff. Good thing we're not following the AP Stylebook here.

  5. this post made me laugh, simply because, after years of living in large cities, i would NEVER leave my door open or my car unlocked. that's not something that is even an option in my mind. i find it hilarious that you felt you needed to make your warning known.

    here and the small town in indiana i lived for a couple of years prior to this definitely have the feeling of safety and security. i like feeling that way, but i would never do it. makes things far too easy and locking doors is not that difficult. pretty pathetic that criminals are having such easy access to so many places without even having to break in. use common sense people.

  6. Mark, I hate to ruin your memories of growing up, but during your junior year at HHS, several cars, including mine, were broken into and vandalized on Tremont. Crime is not something new to FT.