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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

City Council Notes 2/7/11

Quick rundown. Longer meeting that normal. Just finished watching the Cats beat up of UT.

- Meeting started off with Kevin Gordon, of Wilder, addressing council regarding the stance - or lack thereof, on the county smoking ban which was enacted by the lame duck county commission. He detailed how other city councils in the county (Alexandria, Newport, Wilder, Highland Heights, Dayton) had sent resolutions to fiscal court asking for a repeal. More on this story later.

- The Fire Department gained a huge grant for a new "pumper" fire engine. The cost of a new fire truck is around $400,000 and Chief Bailey was "ecstatic" with receiving a grant of $345,000 from FEMA.

"It's the biggest grant the department has ever seen," Bailey said.

- Chief Daly had some interesting notes as well. I will dedicate a post to this later this week. His report included results from a speed traffic detail on Tremont Avenue (perhaps West Southgate version 2.0?), a rash of burglaries and theft in some pockets of the city and a foot pursuit of a criminal which ended in a Ft. Thomas resident helping to stop the criminal with the use of his pickup truck.

Again - detailed post to come.

- The VA homes discussion took the majority of the meeting. Please scroll down to see those details.

- The council discussed doing another deer census at a cost of $8,280 by the same company that completed the census last year. After a little posturing, it was decided that an apples to apples comparison would be most beneficial.

Mayor Mary Brown said, "If (the census) shows that there are more deer this year than last year, then we may need to look into doing something a little more aggressive than what is currently being done."


  1. Kevin Gordon needs to stay in Wilder and mind his own business. Smokefree is the way to go and the majority of Ft. Thomas citizens want a smoke free ban.

  2. I agree with the previous poster that Kevin Gordon should worry about Wilder, even though I disagree with the idea that a smoking ban is needed. I think that's a choice the market can make.

    I'm happy that we have new fire equipment coming, and that the Chief is happy about that. Is this really the way we should be funding stuff like this in this country? The federal government is taking a huge chunk of taxes, running it through a bureaucracy, and doling it back out to communities with strings attached. How about we get the feds to stick to the constitutional mandate and give us some room to approve taxes closer to home when we need this stuff?

    Lastly, I'm guessing based on my observations that we have just as many deer as last year. I still see the same number in my yard, at least. I shoo off six at a time, and they are becoming increasingly less afraid of people. I don't let my children play in the yard for fear that they get aggressive. Even though I have 180 degree field of no visible neighbors from my back yard, my property is only 1/2 acre, so there is nothing I can do about them unless one of them does eventually get aggressive, necessitating a defensive action.

  3. Agreed.. it would be a refreshing change to see a city come out for the ban..

    Although, I don't think that's what Mr.Gordon is hoping for.

  4. Firstly, I can't stand smoking. It's one reason I VERY rarely go to 915 Cafe. But, I believe its wrong for the County Government to tell business owners that they can't allow smoking in their establishments is crazy. It should ONLY be up to them. Take Guys and Dolls for example. That was Steve's decision to make his place smoke free.

    Secondly...I would like to challange "Anonymous" above to prove his/her study stating that "the majority of Ft. Thomas citizens want a smoke free ban".

  5. I totally agree. Those who want to compromise their health can still do so in the confines of their home. Kenton and Campbell Counties did the right thing for their families. If the isssue had been on the ballot, it would have been approved by 2-1 or more.

  6. 1) something of this order and magnitude should be subject to a vote by the citizens.
    2) I really take issue with the government mandating things that happen within private establishments. As stated above by Marc, vote with your feet and let people be adults and make their own decision not have someone force one on you.

  7. Whenever the issue is put on the ballot, it passes overwhelmingly. I remember the statewide vote in Florida when I was living there. The tobacco company poured millions in the campaign agains. Even the restaurants were fearful.the vote to ban was 2 to 1 for. The restaurants? THeir business improved by 18%