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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fort Thomas Businesses Need to Embrace Social Media

I know I belong to a generation that has always used a computer, received their first email account in high school, and have whole heartedly embraced social media even if there are privacy concerns.  However, I don't think I am being overly optimistic about the impact that these tools can have on local retail businesses.  We have seen the impact on my wife's online babysitter placement business so I know it works.  So why haven't more Fort Thomas businesses embraced these technologies?

I know there are a few examples of Fort Thomas businesses who have a Facebook account (I am listing the ones I know of below) but I have talked with business owners who have never visited the Twitter website or installed a mobile application.  These tools are virtually free - doesn't require a major marketing budget - and chances are most Fort Thomas residents under the age of 50 are using them.

I also know that I am being a bit selfish in trying to encourage our local businesses to use these tools.  Who wouldn't want a free cup of coffee from Cake Towne when they buy a donut and 'check-in' on Yelp or Facebook with your mobile phone?  These are the kinds of not so innovative marketing strategies that are working all around Cincinnati and the US - but not in Fort Thomas.  Heck, why not use the mobile check-in during 2011's Holiday Walk instead of the usual stamp card?

Here are the known business uses of Social Media in Fort Thomas:
The Midway Cafe (Facebook)
The Pub (Facebook)
Cake Towne (Facebook)
Sarelli's (Twitter)
Fort Thomas Pizza (Facebook)
Cobblestone Cafe (Facebook)
DEP's Fine Wine & Spirits (Facebook) and Twitter - DEP is quite possibly the only retailer that fully utilizes social media.  I would still like a benefit for check-in though.

Be sure to visit their pages and become a "fan" or "follow".

UPDATE:  I have added additional sites based on the comments left by readers:

Fort Thomas Education Foundation (Facebook)
Fort Thomas Education Foundation (Twitter - @FTEF)
Shari's on the Avenue (Facebook)
Concrete Concepts (Facebook)


  1. The Fort Thomas Education Foundation also has a Facebook page AND a Twitter account @FTEF.

  2. A good first step for businesses is to ask their customers if they use social networks, and if so, which ones. Then, the business knows WHERE to focus their effort. One of the biggest error businesses make is to get on all the social networks, create apps, etc, and then wonder why no one is using them. Better to survey customers, than to spin your wheels and go nowhere. Just my two cents.

  3. SHari's on the Avenue has a facebook page listed under Shari Lother.

  4. olde fort pub has twitter. it gives updates and have hints for the trivia on wednesdays, i linked from darrin's twitter to the pub @oldefortpub

    midway and 915 should follow suit and pub and other places should offer deals and coupons

  5. Concrete Concepts of the Tri-State also has a facebook page -

    It's been a great way to share a sampling of the company's work as welll as recent accolades.

  6. Concrete Concepts of the Tri-State has a facebook page -

    It's been a great way to share a sample of the company's work.

  7. So.. Ft Thomas businesses "need" to Twitter and Facebook, so you can get free stuff when you visit?


  8. I think it all goes back to Ft. Thomas businesses becoming stale in their sales practices.

    Embracing new ways of spreading their footprint cannot be a bad thing.

    Resting on laurels can be.