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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fort Thomas News - Week of February 1st

A quick rundown of the events that impact Fort Thomas for the first week of February 2011.  Have a great weekend!

1. News today from WLWT that Fort Thomas is down to 50 tons of road salt - possibility of running out if the snow on Saturday requires too much to keep the streets clear.

2. Dale Mueller was up for a special honor recently as the Highland's Coach Mueller was one of 26 nominees for the NFL Coach of the Year award.  While it was an honor to be a finalist he was beaten out for the award by a coach in Houston.  I did not realize that he has won the state championship in 10 of his 16 years as head coach of Highlands.  Pretty remarkable career!

3. Rio Grande is opening 3 new stores in Northern Kentucky.  Despite feeling like I just robbed the place everytime I walk out having fed my entire family for $12, it appears they still made enough money to invest nearly $2 million in opening three new stores.  Congratulations to an area business that has been successful despite a bad economy.

4. Fort Thomas Conservancy may have secured some funding to provide tax advantages for easements.  The conservancy hopes to get easements from landowners for woodlands and green spaces that will ensure no development will replace them.

5. Recent updates on Campbell County road construction for 2011 indicates a street resurfacing for Fort Thomas Avenue from Highland Ave to US 27.  Also on US 27 from Grandview Avenue to Fort Thomas Avenue (the intersection at Woodfill)


  1. I think Dale might have one that award if the Super Bowl was in any other state but Texas.

    Congrats to the coach from Houston TX.

  2. There were a lot of fire trucks at Target this afternoon, no idea what was going on, but it worried me that it might delay the opening! haha.