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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fort Thomas News - Week of February 28th

A few news and notes as we move into the first week in March and hopefully the first inklings of spring:

1. The Newport Pavilion Target ( @Target ) is a week away.  You may have seen these billboards in the past couple weeks on 471 building the excitement.  The electronic billboard even has a daily countdown that is real time.  Get ready to drop $100 per shopping trip a lot more often.

2. With the first hint of spring it also means the Farmer's Market will be open outdoors soon as well.  The name "Earth Mother Market" is gone and so are the restrictions on only organic foods.  The market will be renamed the Fort Thomas Farmers Market and Debbie Buckley will run it until a replacement is found.  If you would like to volunteer to manage the market or would like to sell your goods then please contact Debbie at

3. The YMCA ( @ymcagrcinti ) annual fundraising effort is gearing up to raise over $70,000.  The campaign is called "Better Together" and we'll have more on the campaign and why it matters to Fort Thomas in a future post.

4. Fort Thomas Matters now has yard signs to promote our website.  Any volunteers on high traffic locations willing to place a sign in their yard for us?  We really would like to reach those people who are not doing Google Searches for Fort Thomas News or who have never visited the Fort Thomas page.  This is really the first time we have ever placed any advertising despite growing our readership to over 4,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis.

5. Last note on our little news site - you may have noticed that we now have a link just under our logo at the top of the page titled "Fort Thomas Polls" where we will copy in the results of past weekly polls.  This should be good historical reference of what your neighbors think of topics that matter.  The first poll on retail success can now be found here with over 120 respondents and the current poll on smoking (on the right hand side of the page) has over 50 responses.  Vote soon before the poll closes and we move that one to the new page.

Finally, in honor of opening week - how about one of my current favorite SNL cast members - Kristen Wiig - as the Target Lady?


  1. Someone on the Newport Pavilion Fans page on Facebook heard that the store will open on March 2, with the official grand opening on March 6. Anyone else hear that same thing?

  2. That was on the news... soft opening on the 2nd for employees and family members...

    I'm sure you could slide in, if you