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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ft. Thomas Media - on the Airwaves, Print and Internet

One of the advantages to living in a small community like Fort Thomas is the connections you create while you're growing up. My tax guy is one of my dad's best friends growing up. The plumber that we use has been coming to my parents house since I flushed my mother's keys down the commode when I was a mischievous little four year old.

When I started calling around to find out a little more about the new arena league football team, the Northern Kentucky Rivermonsters, and found out that Fort Thomas Matter friend of the blog, Will Chambers would be calling the action on the radio, I was familiar with his connection to the team right away.

"The connection with myself and the Rivermonsters comes from Jared Lorenzen (who is now the General Manager of the team). Most know that Jared and I have remained good friends since our Highlands football days, many may not know he was my analyst on the radio in Lexington for Scott County High School basketball games so he knows firsthand how I approach my job and I am thrilled for the opportunity," Chambers said.

Chambers, who has resumed his play-by-play duties with Georgetown College for the fifth year, has also teamed up with another online publication, Cincinnati Profile, as a sports columnist. The Profile is now a free online publication done by editor-in-chief Pete Scalia, who is also a Fort Thomas resident.

Scalia also moonlights as the morning news anchor with Dayton, Ohio's FOX and ABC affiliate.

"Pete's an old friend and his wife Amy is the publisher of CincyChic, (which just celebrated its fourth year in publication - chronicled on Fort Thomas Matters here) a groundbreaking blog that has become the go-to online source for women in the know. I have known Pete and his family for years, they're wonderful people," Chambers said.

Another media match made through the network of small town connections. Who needs Linkedin?

The Rivermonsters start their season in February, but won't have their first home game until March 18. Their schedule is here.

"Getting better in this profession comes from diligent research and repetition. This allows me to do just that. I'm thrilled to have an opportunity here in this market where I grew up," Chambers said.


  1. flushed your mom's keys, huh?

  2. Details may have been skewed a bit for effect. May have seen that on A Look Who's Talking movie. But you get the idea.