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Friday, March 4, 2011

5 Things to Know... About Selling Your Home

This week's 5 Things to Know column features Doug Schuerman, a Realtor at Sibcy Cline. I haven't personally worked with Doug, but know plenty of people who have and all have good things to say. He's a resident of Fort Thomas and is currently listing 11 properties in the city.

Without further adieu:

We all know that the most popular real estate slogan has always been “location, location, location.” Unfortunately there is now a new slogan in our town, and it is “price, price, price.”

You can have the nicest home in town, but if you are overpriced, you won’t sell in today’s market!

Here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.


APPRAISALS: For only a few hundred dollars, you can have an appraisal done which will afford you a clear idea of the amount for which a buyer can be approved.

COMPARABLES: Comparables can be found by analyzing homes in your and nearby neighborhoods that have similar square footage, upgrades and amenities.


2) BE COMPETITIVE: Under pricing a home is a strategy to garner interest and to create a bidding war through multiple offers. More showings mean more exposure, which ups the chances of receiving an offer.

LENDER COMMUNICATION: Lenders will only allow a buyer to borrow up to the amount a home appraises for. That means if you are overpriced, even an eager buyer may hit a lending road block

3) CONSIDER LEASING: Since we have been caught in a depreciating market, you may have more money in your house than you can sell it for. A reasonable option could be to lease your home until you homes value appreciates to a future sellable point.

4) HOW BAD DO YOU NEED TO SELL: If you want to sell, but don’t have to, you may want to try to wait out the down market or even wait for the “perfect” buyer. However, if you must sell, you may need to compromise. And compromise is all about price when it comes to real estate?

5) SEARCH FOR A PROFESSIONAL: Professional realtors can handle all of the above tips for a seller. As professionals in the real estate market, we know what it takes to navigate this crazy market and generate good sales for our neighbors. Leave the guess work to us. We can guarantee we will have your answers to help price your home to sell!

Pam & Doug Schuerman


The Schuerman Group

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