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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bullet Points from 2010 Annual Police Report (Part 2)

Still pouring over the 2010 Annual Police Report. I'll highlight some of the newsworthy areas:

Newsworthy cases:

January 18th - Sgt. Windgassen saw a subject sitting on the side of the I-471 overpass with this legs hanging over. Sgt. Windgassen was able to persuade the bridge jumper to come down and be transported to the hospital. Sgt. Windgassen was presented with the Negotiator Citation at the 3/1 council meeting.

February 23 - Officers dispatched to a call on N. Fort Thomas Ave for a suicidal subject with a gun inside of a residence. Officers (Bryant, Hunt, Leising, Detective Adams, Sgts. Kilgore and Carpenter, Lts. Dill and Whitford) set a perimeter around the house while third shift was called in to serve as street units. The subject made a statement that he was "going to go out the front door and start shooting so that the cops would put an end to this whole thing for me."

After speaking with the negotiator the subject eventually left the residence unarmed and taken into custody.

June 19 - The US Bank was robbed. With a great deal of hard work and dedication from the department and the assistance of the citizens, 2 suspects were arrested within 72 hours. Officer Goshorn recognized the disguised bank robbery suspect from a photo.

Department changes:
- Lt. Mark Dill retired (20 years with FTPD).
- Officer Ray Metz retired (20 years, 8 years with FTPD).
- Hired three new officers, Emily Weghorn, James McKenna, Micheal Rowland.
- Chain of command tightened, three remaining lieutenants now have specialized roles (one patrol lt., one administrative lt., one information and technology lt.)

New equipment:
- Body armor (through Ky Office of Homeland Security grant)
- Automated license plate reader (through Urban Area Security Initiative grant)
- Tasers (through Ky Justice and Public Security Cabinet grant)

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