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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Criminal in Horrific Downtown Crash Had Ft Thomas Connection

If you watch, read, or listen to Cincinnati news then chances are this week you heard about the crash one weeknight this past week that killed two innocent people including a cab driver and a passenger.

One thing you may not have noticed about the story is that the convict behind the wheel had a Fort Thomas connection.
 Turns out Mark Gerth - who will now likely be facing much more serious charges - was arrested in Fort Thomas in 2008 for breaking and entering.  Here is an excerpt from the Enquirer article:

 Fort Thomas police Lt. Richard Whitford, who became aware of the chase while doing a criminal background check on Gerth in 2008, after he was found wandering a residential street in Fort Thomas with three GPS units and pockets full of loose change, which police later determined he had stolen from parked cars.  “With his past history and what he has done now, he has no regard to laws, rules, regulations – the lives of people,” Whitford said. “I can’t say what I really think about him, but he’s certainly not a good person.  He spent a year and a half in jail for the car break-ins in Fort Thomas, Whitford said. “You would hope finally he would learn,” Whitford said. 
Really tragic event - that drives home the fact that life can change in an instant.  It is a shame that there are repeat criminals like this walking the streets until their crimes escalate to the point where they completely shatter lives of innocent victims.

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