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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fort Thomas Last Weekend in March News & Notes

A few items as we head into the final week of March.  With opening day on Thursday and a spring themed poll on the right-hand side of the page I am ready for warm weather and nice spring.

1. The TANK bus service is changing routes 11 and 16 to go through the Newport Pavilion shopping center starting next Sunday, April 2nd.  This is a very smart change on the part of TANK and is a huge asset for the elderly population in Fort Thomas who find it challenging to get around town or whom may no longer feel comfortable taking the car out for grocery shopping.

2. Interesting take on the census in the Enquirer.  While we tipped them off to the fact that Fort Thomas only lost 100 residents in the past decade the Enquirer took notice of the fact that Fort Thomas remained steady while Newport dropped below the 16,000 resident mark.  They took a county wide view and point out the fact that Fort Thomas is now the largest town in Campbell County.  Despite having county seats in the north and the south and vibrant retail districts along the river - Fort Thomas - a stable, mature community is the community that has taken the lead in the county.

The article also points out that the number of housing units has actually increased by 262 units.  This means the count of population is possibly under-counted still.  All indications from housing to school enrollment points to a growing population.  Even more so when you consider newer, growing families are moving into the community.  We will have more coverage once demographic data is released.

3. Fort Thomas resident Amy Scalia is in a contest to be a co-host on Star64.  Amy is the editor of CincyChic, a fashion site that is an Enquirer affiliate.  Please vote for her video as the winner.  You have to "like" Star64 and then like Amy's video.  It is a little past halfway down the page.

4. A funny quote that Amanda Van Bueren - the Enquirer's reporter following the Kentucky politics beat - from this weekend's Northern Kentucky Republican Party Convention.  The quote was from Geoff Davis concerning Jim Bunning - " Bunning has taken his "shy, retiring style" from Congress to gym at Highlands HS, where his grandkids play sports"  As you likely know by now, his grandson is Patrick Towles, starting QB for Highlands football team.

5. Speaking of politics - there is a good "winners and losers" article from the Ashland Independent that gives a good synopsis of the current Medicaid funding battle, special session.

6. On a final note about this site we have had a preponderance of negative and nasty comments, many of which I could not post.  I have always tried to balance keeping the site an open forum for exchange of thoughts and opinions (which is why I have allowed anonymous comments but moderated the discussion) and allowing the discourse to degenerate into the Enquirer's comments section - a free for all.  After some of the most recent comments I have decided to switch it back.  You must now be a registered member of OpenID which includes Google and other social networks to provide a comment.

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