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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ft. Thomas Police Annual Report 2010 Statistics

At the council meeting on Monday, Chief Daly presented the 2010 Ft. Thomas Police Annual Report. I'll be pouring over some of the details of the 24 page report over the next week or so and highlight some of the goings on in the city over the last year bit by bit.

I've got to say, I'm very impressed with the Police Department's professionalism and efficiency. They are a huge reason that makes Fort Thomas so livable.

I'll recap some of the changes in the department, some reorganization in the ranks, program recaps and technological improvements to the department in later articles, but first I thought it would be interesting to look through all the calls for service in 2010.

There were 28,081 calls to Ft. Thomas Police. 20,383 of them were area checks, business checks, vacation checks and traffic stops.

Here's a list of the others:
Suspicious Person/Vehicle 853

Detail 624
Assist Other Agency 604
Disabled Motorist 588
Disturbance 510
Traffic Accident 410
Alarms 399
Parking Complaint 365
Investigation/Follow Up 333
Theft (Except Auto) 307
Foot/Bike Patrol 301
Domestic 285
Animal Complaint 283
Roadway Obstruction 197
Attempt to Locate 166
Disorderly Juveniles 160
GEO Neighborhood Focus 128
Property (Found/Dispute) 125
Harassment 116
Vandalism 114
Welfare Check 94
Miscellaneous 75
Burglary 70
911 Hangup 54
City Business 49
Intoxicated Subject 47
Missing Person 47
Warrants 46
Fight 43
Neighbor Dispute 43
Mentally Disturbed 36
Vice Activity 33
Liquor Establishment 33
Public Contact 29
Assault 27
Traffic Direction 27
Gun Run/Shots Fired 16
Transporting 14
Prowler 13
Auto Theft 13
Sex Offense 11
Suicide 6
Dead on Arrival 5
Person on Ground 3
Robbery 2
Burns 1
Fire Structure Alarm 1
Bridge Jumper 1


  1. Gald to know Ft. Thomas isn't that perfect! Viva la Bellevue! !!!!!

  2. I would bet these stats would go up against any local community. Bellevue's business district is definitely to be desired, though.

  3. Bridge jumper??

  4. There was a person who jumped off the bridge on Highland Ave onto 471 I think.

  5. I know, I totally missed that one this year as well. It's documented in the report, so I'll recap that sometime this week.