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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Highlands Arts Alliance Hosting A Night of Jazz

This one almost passed under the radar screen but I thought you might be interested in a fun night of jazz next week at Highlands.

The Bluebird Arts & Education Alliance is hosting an event called "An Atypical Night of Jazz" that is featuring local jazz sensation the Faux Frenchmen and the UK Jazz Ensemble and for the low price of $9 for general admission.

All proceeds go to support the Bluebird Arts & Education Alliance.  Since you may not be familiar with the group's mission I have provided a snippet from their website that describes the groups mission:

The Bluebird Arts and Education Alliance (501c3) was formed as a result of a series of conversations among educators, community leaders, and local business leaders. We  discovered that we shared the vision of utilizing the school’s recent state of the art renovation to benefit students in a creative and unique way. We formed the Alliance as the vehicle to create a renewable revenue stream that would support existing arts programs in the district as well the blossoming specialized capstone programs in performing arts and mass media.  

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