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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mystery Park on Memorial/Waterworks

Does anyone know what this is? I guess with all the construction at the water treatment plant, I completely missed this.

It's got to be somewhat new, as the new grass and straw would indicate. It's just kind of random.

It features:
  • A really nice bridge over what looks to have been (or potentially could be) a dried out stream.
  • A tiny circle walking path around a tree that looks like it belongs in a Robert Frost poem.
  • Benches
  • A deck with seating rails overlooking the water reservoir
  • Duck crap everywhere
Don't get me wrong, I love that the city spends money on hidden gems like this, but this one seemed to come out of nowhere. It's almost like the park that the city forgot. Hey, I think I've stumbled onto a name.


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  1. "The Forgotten Park" or Walking Through the Duck Crap on a Muggy Evening (to steal a bit from Robert Frost)

  2. Since I drive Memorial Parkway everyday, I've seen the space you are referring to many times. It has actually been there quite a while. I'm not sure why but I always assumed that the water district did this.

    If the city truly spent the money there, then that irritates me. I would think the money could have been better spent by improving the ACTUAL park that is on Waterworks.

    As a matter of fact, I'm not sure why perfectly good shelters and bathrooms were tore down at the "chosen" parks before any attention was spent on the Memorial Parkway park.

  3. Anon is so right about the duck s***.

    Mark, that park has been there for a good while now. I don't know who paid for the construction, but the landscaping labor looked like it was volunteer. If you find out how it came to be and who paid for it I'd be curious to know.

  4. That's a good point. It very well could have been done by the water district.

    May have to look into when UK isn't playing. Or it's not St. Patrick's Day.

    Obviously you know what I have on the agenda today.

  5. The city did pay for it.The park or weatever it is has been there for over a year.

    Open your eyes more often and you might see more stupid things this city leaders have going on.

  6. This project was a joint venture involving the Water District, Sanitation District and the Campbell County Extension office. The park's design is intended to demonstrate methods of dealing with storm water through use of a bioswale running through the site. The city did do some labor on the project but that was the extent of the involvement. I believe it actually started a couple of years ago.

    In return for minor involvement the city now has a nice green space/park in what is an otherwise industrial complex (water treatment facility). It can also be used by the schools to teach students about clean water and proper environmental control of storm water.

    I believe this info to be accurate. If I get additional info I will correct any mis-statements here.

  7. I believe I heard at a council meeting that SD1 paid the bill on this as a way to demonstrate the types of water retention methods that want to deploy. I could be wrong. Either way, appears to be a possible misuse of funds. To me SD1 seems to be a bit unchecked these days.

  8. It was a cooperative effort between the Water District, Sanitation District, Cooperative Extension Service, Fort Thomas Green Team, The Lowe's Foundation, Human Nature, and the city. The city's contribution was mostly labor. Others provided money, material and in-kind services. I've read several stories about this project in the Campbell County Recorder over the past TWO years. I applaud the city for taking the initiative to get this ugly corner cleaned up. Do you people have nothing better to do than continually bash our mayor and council for doing good things?

  9. What the city did there is wonderful. They are trying to beautify the city. I am glad that our city has Small but useful walking parks instead of GAS stations and FAST food resturants. If you want that, MOVE TO NEWPORT.