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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Target Opens! (with pictures)

And Fort Thomas Matters was there. Actually the very first one in the store after the ribbon was cut. Now I have one of those types of stories you can tell your grand kids.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Newport Mayor, Jerry Peluso, looks on as Target employees cut the ribbon to "loosely" opening the store Tuesday afternoon. Notice the real photographer, who boxed me out because I was taking pictures with my phone.

Nearly 100 Target employees stood on to admire their hard work, all donned in the signature Target red.

A cellist (I think - my apologies to music enthusiasts) greeted some of the first Target Patrons.

Jan Baumann, who works in Human Resources at the new Target, mans the refreshment table. "I watched them pour the foundation. I would look on from LaRosa's (on Carothers Road) as the walls were going up and I was just so excited," she said. "Then they stopped and I didn't know what to think. But as they started again, you could really see it was going to be something nice. It's going to be a great store for this community."

Some of the first shoppers. I blurred their faces on purpose, honest. It wasn't because I'm a terrible photographer. Ok... I am.

Target employees literally lined every checkout line and in every section in the store. They were coached really well, as I think I got a "Can I help you find something" about 15 times.

Clothes section.


Grocery section.

Electronics section.

Perhaps my favorite photo. The "Kroger crew" came through to get a look at the new store as well, paying particular attention to their grocery sections. I chatted them up as we were strolling through the aisles, and asked them point blank if they were there to check out the competition. "No," one of the group said, "If anything this will help our store. It should bring more people into the area. We aren't worried."

And that was it. The Starbucks mini store was fully manned as well. That's all for today. You heard it here first. Take a look here to juxtapose how it looked today vs. my impromptu visit in early January.


  1. I welcome Target! Hopefully it will get the ball rolling on other businesses opening up at this location. What I don't get, however, is why Target has a Starbucks? There's already one at Kroger and then the actual store just up on Grand Ave. I actually was hoping that Kroger would have gone with a different coffee company in their space.
    Thanks for reporting!