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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Quick Links

A few quick notes:

1) More burglaries in Fort Thomas. Received a Nixle message from Det. Brad Adams of the Fort Thomas Police today. Here's the message:

Over the past couple of weeks, the City of Fort Thomas has experienced a couple of burglaries. The burglaries appear to have occurred during daytime hours and entry is made by force through a back door. Please pay special attention to suspicious vehicles and persons and call 911 to report such.
For full details, go to
Police Contact Information:
Brad Adams, 859-572-1271

2) Good article on Target prices vs. Wal-Mart prices on the Yahoo! home page. Would like to see someone do this locally for Target vs. Kroger vs. Remke, etc.

Here's the article here.

3) I've done this via Facebook on our page here, but I'd like to formally introduce two of our newest sponsors to the site, Birkley Services and Turner Lawn and Landscape. Their ads are on the right side of the page. If you are in search of Heating and Cooling needs or Landscaping, give Matt Birkley or John Turner a call. I can vouch for them both personally and professionally.

4) I've got a great "5 Things to Know" feature on tap for tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check that out.

5) I promise I'll get to more of the annual police report this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. please write a story on the two houses located on Highland Ave (117?) , just West of Mayfield.

    I believe the zoning here to be Residential, yet these cribs are completely stuffed with junk. So the owner is violating zoning and doing so directly across the street from the mayor's stately mansion.