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Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Fort Thomas News in Social Media

As a reminder - this feature summarizes the extra things that we post on our Facebook page or Twitter account that may not show up on the site.  Take a look and if there is anything interesting to you then friend or follow us.
  1. Residential Chicken story that didn't run along with article links describing how Colerain, Ludlow, and Loveland are handling the situation
  2. Discussion about a new business on Fort Thomas Ave - Dirty Hairy's Dog Spa.  The consensus is a great concept for Fort Thomas but would like to have the ability to drop-in without an appointment
  3. Announcement of NKU's move to Division 1 sports on our Twitter account

One last thing that isn't really social media related - my friend, and fellow Fort Thomas resident, Lori Valentine is in an upcoming performance at the New Edge Cliff Theatre.  The title of the show is [title of show].  No, you didn't read that wrong that is the actual name of the production and was nominated for a Tony award in 2009.  Click the link above to find out more about the story and the production and go support her show.

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