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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fort Thomas News - Week of April 18th

1. Governor Steve Beshear has recognized Brandon Pickering's sacrifice this week.  As a part of this recognition the Governor has ordered that flags at all state office buildings be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset on the day of Pvt. Pickering’s interment.  This date has not been set, despite Mark's post earlier about a service in Fort Thomas for his friends and family the official service and burial has not been set.

2. Former US Senator Jim Bunning has been named Grand Marshall for the Fourth of July parade in Fort Thomas.  I think you know all of the accomplishments of Mr Bunning including his terms in Congress and his Major League Baseball career so I won't go into all that.  The parade will start at 10:30 on the 4th and if you are interested in participating in the parade please contact the Campbell County YMCA.

3. On a somewhat lighter note I am truly surprised by the vote on the chickens.  The poll on the right-hand margin has been trending more and more in favor of the chickens.  I know personally I don't want my neighbors raising chickens or any other livestock in their yards and I am surprised the support is so overwhelming considering the backlash to previous posts on trash pickers and the complaints we hear about any number of other redneck behaviors by neighbors.  The interest in the post is now in the Top 10 all time trafficked posts on this site after just a little more than a week after publication. 


  1. No kidding.. Have those chickens move in next door to you.. then, see how you vote.

  2. Ha ha ha..."redneck"?!? You do know that cities like Portland, Seattle, Denver and New York already allow a limited number of hens, right? Yeah...nothing says "redneck" like the big apple.

  3. Dear Fort Thomas Matters: I feel like such a fool! I voted "yes" in the chicken poll. Why didn't you let me know that you oppose backyard chickens and did not expect overwhelming support for backyard chickens before you started the poll? That way, I could have fallen in line with your mistaken assumptions. Oh well, at least you posted your opinion before closing the poll. That way, anyone foolish enough to consider voting "yes" from here on out will realize that you think they are endorsing "redneck behaviors," and can fall in line with your expectations. I feel so badly. Maybe I should follow your example and apply some pejorative labels to people who disagree with my opinions. That should make me feel better!

  4. Sheesh, I can understand if you were all up in arms about a rooster crowing at 5 am - but, really, what is your issue with this? Chickens are no more offensive than a dog or cat. Frankly, I find a non stop barking dog and its large piles of dog poop much more offensive than a few clucking hens. Or a loud mouthed tom cat that pees all over everything in my yard more offensive. Or if I had to listen to your parrot squaking through an open window. Or your children screaming at the top of their lungs in a yeard near mine. And I don't think that having backyard chicknes is a "redneck" behavior. It is a socailly responsible behavior to know where my food comes from and how it is taken care of. I hope the chickens win.

  5. So, for the record: cities in the Cincinnati area that allow chickens: Wyoming, Montgomery, Madeira, Indian Hill. Cities that don't allow chickens: Mt Healthy, Silverton, Reading. What did you say about that redneck thing?

  6. Labeling the raising of chickens as a "redneck" behavior shows that you are rather out of touch with current trends. Raising chickens is something I associate with more with well-educated, liberal progressives who value sustainability and environmental responsibility. I have yet to see an urban chicken coup in the same yard as cars on cinder blocks and discarded toilets.

  7. Thanks to everyone for their spirited comments. A few notes in response:

    1. John - The poll is still up so despite your belief that we only post the polls to support our own 'agenda' we actually do it because we want to know what the popular opinions are.

    2. In reference to my term 'redneck' I was referring to the fact that we get more than 1 complaint a month about items such as people parking their cars in their front yard, not cleaning up their pet's fecal matter, or that they don't clean off their sidewalks (all of which are city ordinance). Despite those common complaints, I am surprised that the popular opinion is acceptable to a practice that actually can create a health risk - especially to children and elderly which Fort Thomas has in abundance.

    A final note - I am not saying I disagree with raising chickens. I think raising your own food in a natural and respectful manner has many benefits.

    I just don't want them raised in a densely populated area like Fort Thomas where 3,000 people live every square mile. If you want to raise chickens then buy an acre in rural Campbell County.

  8. Re: #2, I don't see how car parking, pet feces, and unclean sidewalks are related to being a "redneck". This occurs in every city in America.

    Your concerns with health risks are way overblown, and tenuously linked to your anti-chicken stance. There are plenty of public health risks that are far more problematic than raising chickens. Smoking. Household chemicals. Nutrition.

    Finally, I find your stance that if you want to raise chickens get out of Fort Thomas offensive.

    Perhaps the more temperate approach would be to seek reasonable limits to the number of chickens allowed, instead of your all-or-nothing approach.