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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fort Thomas News - Week of April 25th

Tons of news this week so lets get right to it:

1. Another Highlands football star commits to a local division I program.  After Patrick Towles commitment to UK a few weeks ago we got word this weekend that Drake Bruns has committed to UC.  Dale Mueller has compared Drake to Mike Mitchell who was drafter a couple years ago by the Raiders.  High praise for yet another talented member of the 2011 Highlands Bluebirds football team.

2. Cincinnati area police departments are putting out alerts about Gypsies moving into the area.  I know this conjures up images of a Jack Sparrow-looking woman with a crystal ball but apparently they are a mini crime syndicate and you should all be on the lookout. This is a somewhat bizarre story that culminates in the belief that they will be using Mason as their launching pad to unleash crime on the area.

3. For those of you who may have youth sports events at the Silver Grove Park can rest assured that Sanitation District 1 is installing a new $20 million pump to remove sewage overflow that was ponding near the park.

4. Chickens, wild pigs, and goats - OH My!
With all the hubbub about residential chickens over the past few weeks I thought you might enjoy a couple other articles about wild pigs taking over Northern Kentucky and Loveland trying to revise their ordinance on raising goats.

Speaking of chickens, I removed the poll last night after I found out that there was a coordinated effort among the chicken lobby (here is an example of a site directing activists to vote in our poll) to skew the polling results.  It now makes sense why there were so many votes in favor of the chickens and why I was getting so much hate mail.  Thank you for the extra page views!  And don't worry you can still see the results of the poll on our poll archive page.

In addition to encouraging their supporters to vote in the poll they are also encouraging people to turn out to the Council meeting on May 2nd in support of residential chickens.  It is up to you to be sure actual residents of Fort Thomas make their voice heard as well.

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