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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fort Thomas News - Weekend Notes (UK Final Four Edition)

I know this is a Fort Thomas post but since Mark and I are UK grads and giant fans I thought I would start with a shout out to the UK basketball team for a great season.  The conclusion of the season is an especially fresh open wound for me since I am in a hotel in Memphis TN on my way back from Houston.  A disappointing loss but a great season.  I have to wish the iHOP waitress that we gave our championship game tickets to a great time on Monday night.  To the news:

1. Keeping with the UK theme - big congratulations to Patrick Towles and his decision.  I am sure it will be a big relief to have that behind him for his senior season.

2. Also congratulations to Dana and the YMCA for reaching their goal of raising $72,000 for family scholarships and other programs that benefit our community.  That will go a long way toward building healthy families in Fort Thomas.

3. Keeping with the sports theme - Jared Lorenzen and the River Monsters keep making news.  Jared was named player of the week and set the all-time record for touchdowns this past week.  Along with Jared's success is team success as the River Monsters are in first place.  Congrats to them all and go out and support the team.  I continue to hear nothing but rave reviews as a great family night entertainment option.

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