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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fort Thomas Setting Up Traffic Cameras?

I can neither confirm or deny this rumor. But from the looks of this picture, it seems this may be the case. The worker on the truck was installing a camera on the light, Wednesday, in the Midway district which faces S. Fort Thomas Ave.

I have an email into the city to help clarify, but if it's true a few questions get brought up:

- Are these going to issue citations automatically?
- How many and where will the others be placed?
- Is this a city sponsored program for "revenue enhancement?"

Must be a trending topic across the US today as this was a story on The Today Show this morning. As strapped-for-cash- municipalities have taken to these "robo-cops" to increase revenue, the push back has been great. A few numbers to crunch from Broward County, in Florida, which was featured in the story:

- It costs around $83,000 to set up and administer these cameras.
- It brings in around $76,000 in revenue.
- Around $50,000 of that revenue brought in is given to the company that set up and administers the cameras.
- Legal fees have been extensive on the county as well, as every person that has challenged the ticket they received in court, has gotten it thrown out because the camera takes a picture of the person's license plate and not of the person actually driving the vehicle.
- The story did indicate that driving has been better around intersections; there had been 60% less accidents since they were installed.

So there you have it. I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill based on one picture, but if true, I've opened up a whole can of worms.

That's a lot of animal metaphors for one sentence.


  1. It's hard for me to be sure from the picture posted but for some reason that doesn't look like a speed camera to me based on the ones I've seen in other states. My guess is that it's a detector for emergency vehicles that turns the traffic signal green for an ambulance or fire truck, etc. that are approaching the intersection...

  2. It is not our Camera.

    - Lt. Fecher
    - Fort Thomas Police

  3. Enforcment cameras are much bulkier. That profile appears to be a security camera or, as was pointed out above, a sensor operate the switch pattern.

  4. well someone has to know what that camera is one is allowed to just 'put up' a camera on a street light pole without permission...that just doesn't happen...some one, some where had to get permission and those who gave permission may not be admit to it!!!

  5. It's a smart light sensor. Uses visual information of traffic patterns to alter the lights, rather than a sensor or timer. Ground sensors don't always work, these are more accurate.