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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fort Thomas Walking Score Update

I have mentioned the concept of a walking score in previous posts and while I think a walking score is a great idea the few measures available have been flawed at best.  Past iterations have had flaws such as not recognizing natural boundaries that could bring down scores in some places.

Now Zillow, in their quest to make their site the de facto source for real estate information by continuing to integrate handy tools for real estate buyers, have integrated the walking score into their listings and profile pages.

Whereas previously the walking score was provided at the community level they now have customized scores at the individual address level.  You can actually observe slight variations as you move across town.  My home on Lumley scored a 51 whereas if you moved over to Highland Ave just West of Fort Thomas Ave the score increases to 60.

The tool even provides a detailed score which shows how they came to that conclusion.

I still have problems with some of their scoring accuracy.  For example - they list Highland Park at 1.5 miles away when in reality it is a little over a half mile but the was miscalculated because it took a less direct path to the park.

The bottom line of all of this is Fort Thomas suffers in its walking score from a lack of good retail available.  Notice the three areas Fort Thomas scores the lowest in (other than Parks which is inaccurate) is restaurants, coffee shops, and books.

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