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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter News and Views

Happy Easter everyone, just a quick post before Sunday Church Service. Had a discussion on our Facebook page (here) about the emergency sirens and the perceived frivolity on which the county lets them blare and why citizens on the south end of town didn't hear them at all.

Checked the city website, and I have no idea when this was updated, but I found the answer (below).

Emergency Warning Devices (Sirens)
City of Ft. Thomas

The City of Ft. Thomas is currently working with the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security to replace the three Severe Weather Alerting Sirens in Ft. Thomas. We have received a grant and are working with the Campbell County Office of Emergency Management to replace the sirens at Moyer and St. Catherine. These sirens are currently still operational. The siren at Woodfill School has been taken out of service with the construction of the new school. The three new sirens will be placed in Tower, Highland and Rossford Parks and should be operational by the fall of 2011. In the event of severe weather, the FD recommends you tune to your TV or radio for instructions or purchase a weather radio for you residence or business. Any questions, please feel free to contact Chief Mark Bailey at the FD (441-8393).

I'll post a summary of the discussions we've had on our facebook page later to give you a flavor of how it's different that what we post here. It's worth checking out.

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