Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heavy Heart Mid-week News Update

1. The US Army finally confirmed what has been known all week - Brandon Pickering has succumbed to his injuries reported on Monday.  No arrangements, memorials, or honors have been announced at this point.  We'll have more as they are announced.

2. This picture needs no explanation.  Construction dumpster, drive thru blocked off, porta potty, a re-opening is just around the corner.

3. The UK Career Services Center will be coming to the Campbell County Extension office next Wednesday to support anyone's search for a new job.  Some of the services they will be providing include career counseling, a professional development program, and networking opportunities.  For more information visit the UK Career Services website.

4. Highlands students made college commitments today for athletics.  Big congratulations to Ashley Collinsworth who will be taking her track shoes to Harvard as well as a host of football players (including Austin Abner to Illinois).  You can see the full list of honors by visiting the Fort Thomas Independent Schools website.

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