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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More on the Fort Thomas Farmers Market

I finally caught up with the Enquirer's coverage of the change from Earth Mother Market to the Fort Thomas Farmer's Market (which by the way was a full month after FTM's coverage and a week after we posted the rules for the market).  While our coverage may have been first the Enquirer did a good job of interviewing vendors and two troubling points emerged:

1. Same time as the Bellevue market (3-7pm on Wednesday).  Bellevue offers an 8-1 Saturday time as well

2. Some of the Earth Mother market vendors have decided to go to the Bellevue market because they have a better known location with better visibility and parking.

Before I pick this apart let me give a quick disclaimer - I support the market and I hope it is an amazing success.  I am not being critical but only pointing out some issues that must be solved for the market to be a success.  The article points out two possible problems for success of the Fort Thomas Market; time and location.

Time - pick another day!  I am attaching a link to a local guide of Farmer's Markets - pay attention to page 12 and it indicates that Monday only has one market available - could be a winner.  Wednesday - not so much especially if you are going head to head with Bellevue.

Location - unfortunately (and we've discussed this in other posts about retail in Fort Thomas) there is really no location that provides a great level of visibility but one possible option could be the Fort Thomas plaza.  I am sure the owners and tenants would love to have the extra traffic and parking would certainly not be an issue.  I would be bummed that you are taking something from the Midway that can bring traffic and support the other things that are going on there but if parking and visibility is the issue why not try something else.

Other thoughts on how to make a successful market in Fort Thomas?

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  1. Here is the new local food guide with an updated list of Farmer's Markets. Notice again that Monday has little competition.