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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noah's Ark Tuesday Notes

Really rain? Really? Enough already.

- There are two Ft. Thomas connections hitting prime time TV, over the next few weeks. Tomorrow, Rachael Wagenlander, will be appearing on Modern Family at 9:00 on ABC. Rachael grew up in Fort Thomas and went to NCC.

She'll be playing "Gabby" who's a friend of the older daughter on the show. If you haven't tuned in yet, here's a great opportunity. It's definitely one of the better shows on television right now.

Here's Rachael's IMDB (International Move Database) profile.

- Another show that is infinitely interesting is Extreme Couponing on TLC. Saw a portion of the first episode last week and a woman equipped with a binder full of coupons, food storage shelves in her closet, and a lot of time on her hands got around $650 worth of groceries for $6. That wasn't a typo, she saved over 99%.

2000 Highlands graduate, Nathan Engles will be featured on the upcoming show. I remember reading about Nathan (here's the article, here) before this couponing craze took over the mainstream. Nathan's got his own website, which details how to go about saving money on your grocery bill.

- The city got back with me on the camera being posted up in the Midway district. Here was their response:

The KY Transportation Cabinet installed the camera to assist with the "left turn permissive/protective phase". They were not able to install a loop under the pavement due to the recent streetscape improvements. The camera will detect traffic to allow for a signalized left turn onto River Road.

- Also, go to our Facebook page and click "like" to see our photo of the day. Hint: It's a good thing the fire department got over $600,000 in grants.

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