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Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Things to Know About the Highland County Club

via The Community Recorder.

I think The Recorder has a tough job. Filling the pages of a weekly newspaper when there is no real news is hard and the results sometimes lead to boring, if not uninspired stories. Have to give it up to Chris Mayhew, who did a really interesting piece about the course at the Highland Country Club this week, though.

Without further adieu, here's Chris:

1) Highland Country Club was opened in 1915 by the owners of the former 25-acre Inverness golf course in Southgate, making it 100 years old in 2015. The owners decided to close the Southgate course and open in Fort Thomas because it was never a big course and developers were buying up the land around it

2) The club maintains a shrine to its most famous member with photos and trophies of John Fischer, who won the U.S. Amateur tournament in 1936 at the Garden City Golf Club in Long Island, N.Y. Most clubs can’t claim to have a U.S. Amateur champion as a member in their history.

3) It wasn’t until the early 1980s that the 9-hole golf course first built in 1915 was expanded into an 18-hole course. The first nine holes remain indicative of an “old-style” course that was built to suit the land’s terrain as it already existed with raised greens and sand traps all around the greens.

4) The Highlander,” is claimed to be the “Midwest’s oldest invitational tournament” by the club at its website

5) The club was established in 1915 with 78 members and an elected board with Harry Stegeman as president. Membership has grown in the past year from about 250 people in 2010 to 350 people this year.